Police say women who called for rescue were hallucinating, likely on drugs

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LOGAN, Utah -- Two women who search and rescue crews assisted Wednesday morning in Logan Canyon are now expected to be booked into the Cache County Jail.

A hiker found Amanda Price, 46, and Amy Cheney, 19, in need of assistance in the Spring Hollow Trail area. The Cache County Sheriff's Office was notified that the assistance of search and rescue crews was needed shortly after 10:00.

Prior booking photo for Amy Cheney

Prior booking photo for Amy Cheney

According to Lt. Doyle Peck, Cache County Sheriff's Office, one of the women was able to walk down on her own, but the other needed the aid of search and rescue crews using a wheeled mountain rescue litter. The women told officials they had been in the area for several days, but officials said that may not be the case. Officers said the women appeared to be hallucinating and told responders they had been attacked by bears.

"Their physical condition would tell me they probably have not been up here for three days, but we really don't know exactly how long," Peck said. "My guess is at least over night, but beyond that I really don't know."

A representative for the Cache County Sheriff's Office said the search and rescue operation turned into a criminal investigation and both Price and Cheney are suspected of using illegal drugs.

"The 19 year old, when we got her down, a lot of the comments she was making didn't make sense, and a lot of her actions appear to be that of a person under the influence of some type of drug," Peck said.

Both Price and Cheney were taken to a hospital.

A warrant had previously been issued for Cheney's arrest.


  • Anna

    Her name is Andrea price not Amanda i just hope it all turns out good in the long run and glad thet were found safe

  • ashley

    Idk what’s wrong with people. She a tweaker so its a waste to rescue. What if this was your friend or family member bet that attitude towards this waste or search and rescue would change in a heart beat.. Them type of drug have a hold on you so tight its hard to let go so you have no reason to judge her or so she a waste she is 19 has her whole life ahead of her the temptation of the devil will consume you if you give him the chance. So keep your hateful comments to yourselves thanks

    • Bob

      Ashley, it looks like a bird has been pecking on her face. I chose my friends wisely, and girls on meth just don’t make the grade. “Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes and the rest of us have to be other people.” – Zig Ziglar
      It looks like Amy Cheney is “other people”.

  • Ik

    You know you all seem like your quick to judge but when it comes down to it if you knew the actual story you would know alot and be taking back what u have said i personally know one of these women she is family and yes she does need help addiction is a hard rough road to travel and hopefully they can both get the help they need to pull there selfs away from the situation they have encountered i pray that they see the light at the end of the tunnel

    • Bob

      You question our quickness to judge IK? How about a little sympathy for the search and rescue crew? Did you even stop to think that many of them are volunteers and that there are costs associated with trying to help people who don’t know what planet they’re on because they deliberately chose to experiment with drugs?

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