Former Utah AG Mark Shurtleff speaks out

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SALT LAKE CITY — FOX 13 has learned who FBI agents served a third search warrant on and former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is firing back.

Shurtleff said the FBI and the Department of Public Safety, owes his daughter an apology. This after agents searched his home and John Swallow’s, last night.

“Law enforcement showed up in masks, 12 officers with bullet proof vests, assault rifles, burst through the door screaming and yelling at my kids,” Shurtleff said in an interview with Fox 13 out of Washington D.C.

Utah’s former top law enforcement officer said the FBI and Department of Public Safety pointed guns at his 16-year-old daughter and 20-year-old son.

The warrants are connected to a joint criminal investigation by the Salt Lake and Davis county attorneys. Former AG John Swallow’s home was also the subject of a search.

“It’s outrageous conduct and if they’ll do it to me, they’ll do it to anybody,” Shurtleff said, who claims Monday night’s raid was all part of a show-and-tell, orchestrated by Gill.

“They in fact called the media to have them there to have them part of their circus, grandstanding. I haven’t talked — I’ve been offering to go in and talk to Sim Gill for a year,” Shurtleff said.

The former Attorney General demands an apology, but in a statement, DPS defended its actions, saying it followed proper procedure and it was lawful and legal.

A third search warrant was served Monday night at the home of ex-Swallow campaign staffer Renae Cowley. Her lawyer tells FOX 13 she’s been granted immunity in exchange for her cooperation with prosecutors.

“We are in a very fruitful phase of our investigation and we continue to work all those leads, hopefully to a conclusion very quickly,” Gill said.

He won’t say when or if, charges will be coming against Swallow or Shurtleff.

“We will make those decisions when the time is appropriate,” Gill said.

Meantime, Shurtleff wants an answer as to why the district attorney won’t talk to him about an investigation he is the target of.

“Either he doesn’t know, and isn’t an experienced prosecutor but I know he is or there’s some other motive. The Democratic Party sent out a democratic press release praising their Democratic Party prosecutor. I’m not saying, I’m asking Sim Gill and Troy Rawlings to be professional,” Shurtleff said.

Shurtleff believes this investigation ultimately ends with his innocence. He thinks he won’t be charged with any crime, and says the Salt Lake and Davis County probe will end the same way as the Justice Department’s, which was no charges.


  • Sher

    Let me get this right. The shady ex-Attorney General is mad about how a search warrant was executed at his house just like they execute search warrants on ANYONE?!? You’d think an attorney would know how search warrants are executed and if he didn’t want his kids traumatized then he shouldn’t have been shady. Turnabout is fair play! 😬

    • Cartman

      I don’t care whether you like him or not. I don’t care whether he’s shady or not. The pigs are out of control.

      They went to gather up some records from the home of a guy who is absolutely NO physical threat to anyone. They had no right doing it they way they did.

      I do find it ironic, considering how many warrants were thus served at his behest. I hope he got a nasty taste of his own medicine. But as citizens you and I should be outraged by these Gestapo tactics, played by overgrown boys pretending to be soldiers. It’s disgusting.

      Your turn will come one day unless we reign the pigs in. You’re a pretty poor excuse for a citizen to say what you did. Whatever else he may be, the man is a United States citizen.

    • Cartman

      I see you’ve got him convicted already. But tell us, pray, of WHAT have you convicted him?

      Seriously. Do you even know what he’s accused of?

      No. But he’s a Republican. That’s all you need to know. GUILLOTINE!!!!! What a bunch of childish nonsense. Sim Gill’s turn will come, if this is how he wants to play. One day he won’t be in charge anymore.

      Incidentally, I’d be curious to know why the Salt Lake County D.A. has jurisdiction over……whatever this is. Who is he to be investigating the State A.G.’s office? Isn’t anyone else just a wee bit curious? Sounds to me like Mr. Gill is using the SWAT guys as his own private brownshirts.

      Meanwhile he refuses to prosecute violent criminals.

  • Cartman

    Sim Gill think’s he’s Heinrich Himmler. I have no idea whether or not the warrant was justified, but the tactics employed in serving it were straight out the Third Reich.

    Why do you SLC liberals keep electing that guy? What is your fascination with SWAT teams and battering rams? I though you libs were all about not trusting the government. Now you can’t seem to get enough of it. What’s the fascination?

    This stunt was so obviously a constitutional violation that even a liberal should be able to see it. ALL warrants are served like this, these days. Why? What is the justification?

  • Finny Wiggen

    Sim Gill and other public official’s argument that the search techniques are “par for the course” is not acceptable. You are justifying holding a gun on one little girl, because it is standard operating procedure to hold guns on little girls?

    And you think in your mind that this is acceptable behavior?

    It is interesting how normally intelligent and reasonable men can become so misguided in the manner that the harass the public, rather than serve them. And then go on to illogically justify it because “it is standard operating procedure.” It is a great example of group thought, and of how intelligent people can convince themselves that extremely inappropriate behavior is acceptable… because we do it all the time, and everyone around me at work thinks it is okay… So I am not going to check my ethical stance against common sense…

    Very disappointing. I expect better from public servants.

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