Video: U of U ‘thank you’ gets thumbs down

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The University of Utah presents a new way of promoting its programs and campus through the video “Together We Reach-ed.”

As of Monday afternoon the video had 130 dislikes and 11 likes on YouTube.



  • brie

    i definitely give it a , A , for effort. it definitely looks like they had a fun time doing it. Also looks like they put some work into it. i kinda felt it was a little boring but i think it was okay. i would definitely
    not dislike it though.

  • Dan

    Tisk tisk tisk, Fox13…. do a little homework… yes this is a cheesy video, but it’s not for normal school promotion… it’s a Thank You Video for specific donors in the school’s “Together We Reach” campaign… seriously, why would a video say “Thank You” as a “way of promoting its programs and campus”… oh this deep reaching Utah news…

  • brad

    This must be a joke. Please U take it down! There’s no good explanation for what this is supposed to mean.

  • Jake

    I feel like this video was put together quickly, and with little thought. The lyrics don’t make sense, it has a poor transition from the introductory speaker, to the song, and the music, ugh, possibly the most annoying thing I have heard in my entire life. It appears to have been made by high school students, not a University. I would be embarrassed to promote this, even if it was to a select group of people.

  • Laurel

    A sad attempt, looks like something our rivals to the south would have come up with. Start over, fail!

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