Another pretrial hearing set for teen accused in deputy’s death

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Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune Meagan Grunwald, a teen charged in connection with a fatal officer shooting in Utah County is escorted by baliff into her preliminary hearing in Judge Darold McDade's courtroom in Provo Wednesday April 16.

PROVO — A teenager who was charged in connection with the shooting death of Utah County sergeant was in court Monday morning for a pretrial hearing.

Meagan Grunwald, 17, is charged with several felonies in connection with the death of Sgt. Cory Wride, the wounding of deputy Greg Sherwood and shooting at several other officers during a high speed chase that stretched from Eagle Mountain to Nephi in late January.

In court Monday, the defense asked for another pretrial hearing, which will allow Grunwald’s attorney to have more time to review the evidence in the case. Both the prosecution and the defense acknowledged Monday that preliminary discussions about a possible plea deal for Grunwald have taken place.

“There has been some talk about alternative resolutions in this case, but I think we’re somewhat distant from getting to where those will materialize,” said Dean Zabriskie, Grunwald’s defense attorney.

Another pretrial hearing for Grunwald is scheduled for June 23.


      • Bob

        No Trish, Meagan Grunwald didn’t pull the trigger but she drove the truck so her boyfriend could. Her problem now is that if she could work at a plea deal they’ll take her to trial and the prosecutor will take the gloves off.

        It is unfortunate that she never learned basic principles of moraltiy. A teenager having intimate relations with a much older paroled felon just doesn’t have much of a future.

  • Bob

    Her attorney wants to play hardball and claim she was an innocent victim. I’d hope that the prosecution would start playing hardball.

  • james mays

    well to be quite frankly I don’t think anybody knows what theyre talking about what I want you to do is put yourself in that shoe you’re at the wheel of this truck your foot by the gas the guy next to you turns opens the window fires killed a cop behind you now there’s no one left to die but you so the gun get pointed straight at your head and he says drive you know I know everybody wants to be a herobut when it comes right down to the very end andit is you or a bulletnow also take in consideration she’s only 17 she scared to death she don’t know what to do so she does the obvious does exactly what she’s told. You know what else I’d learned in life is not shameful thing to be scared it’s actually very healing in the what I say the right thing to do is angel is prosecutors let her go before you ruin another innocent lifecause I’m pretty sure you’ll get elected next year and to you Megan grunwald we love you and believe in you

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