Police say they are looking at alcohol as a ‘major factor’ in crash that injured 3 people

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SALT LAKE COUNTY - Three people were hospitalized after a series of crashes in Salt Lake County Saturday night.

The Utah Highway Patrol says they received a call about a reckless driver at around 9 p.m. Saturday, but before troopers arrived, the driver had hit a van on I-80 near the exit to SR-201.

That crash caused the van to roll several times, and the van's driver and a juvenile in the front seat were ejected from the vehicle and transported to the hospital via medical helicopter. A second passenger in the van was wearing a seat belt in the proper way and was not ejected and only suffered minor injuries.

"Seat belts do save lives. For example, the particular individual that was seat belted in the van has minor cuts and bruises. The individuals who were not properly seated belted, or were not wearing their seat belts, had to be flown tonight in critical or serious condition," said Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Corey Nye.

Nye said alcohol was a factor in the crash, and the man who caused the crash tried to flee the scene but was caught by officers and booked into jail.

"The individual was found running up the ramp on S.R. 201 where he was taken into custody," he said.

Police said the man who allegedly caused the crash did not have ID and refused to cooperate with troopers. They said the man had to be helped to his feet and had trouble standing. The man appeared to vomit several times as police helped him lean against a patrol car before taking him to jail. Police said they believe they know who the man is but are waiting to confirm his identity before formally charging him.

"At this time we are looking at alcohol as a major factor," Nye said.

A second wreck happened at the same scene of the first accident because of a vehicle that had stopped was hit by another car that didn't stop. That crash had no injuries.



  • Melissa

    I would like to clarify on this story. The little boy way the only one ejected from the van and he WAS wearing his seat belt. My husband helped the older gentleman out of his van (not ejected) because he was looking for his grandson. My husband and I were first out of our vehicles at the scene.

  • Lesli

    This information is incorrect. All passengers were wearing seat belts and the juvenile was not in the front seat.
    Please post a correction or retraction.
    If you have questions please contact me.

  • Lesli

    Thank you, Melissa, for coming forward with your witness information.

    Additionally, the juvenile was NOT in the front seat.

  • Kelly

    The driver of the Mitsubishi Gallant (shown in the video) was seriously injured in the second accident. She is in the ICU at U Med Center with a broken neck, broken arm, concussion, and seriously injured knee. Your information on the second collision is incorrect.

  • Trish Ramirez

    Another example of the media trumping up an event to make people look stupid and to push and agenda – likely taking their information straight from the ‘authorities.’

    The people who were AT the scene had a completely different version of events than what has been reported, and that is so scary. How many stories are reported on every day with NO eyewitnesses that people are just expected to take at face value?

    Thanks, witnesses, for correcting the misinformation.

    • Bob

      Multiple witnesses observing the same event will give conflicting testimoney. The basic story is correct; A drunk driver causes injuries.

    • lesli daniels

      If anyone who was at the scene would be willing to share their witness account, please contact me:

      My family is working to ensure the true account of this accident is on record, not the story given by an authority that wasn’t on the scene until after all of the victims had been transported and the tow truck was already moving the mini-van off the road.

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