Rally held to support the Salt Lake Tribune’s future

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SALT LAKE CITY – Journalists, politicians and others gathered in Salt Lake City Saturday to show support for the Salt Lake Tribune as rumors about the paper’s future are circulating.

Allegations have been made that the hedge fund that owns the Salt Lake Tribune accepted a multi-million dollar deal from the Deseret News that puts the Tribune in to an operating agreement that doesn’t bode well for their future and allows the Deseret News to veto offers from others to purchase the Salt Lake Tribune, according to a press release from the group Save the Tribune. The deal would require approval from the Department of Justice to go forward.

Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis, D-District 2, was among those assembled at Saturday's event.

“It has to do with saving a great institution, this community, this state desperately needs two voices,” he said.

Doug Owens, a candidate for Utah’s Fourth Congressional District, was also present.

“The loss of the Tribune is a very serious issue, and the Justice Department needs to look into it,” Owens said.

Those who attended expressed concerns that the Deseret News is attempting to control its competitor’s future. According to a press release from organizers of the rally, the Department of Justice is investigating deals between “the New York Hedge Fund that owns the Salt Lake Tribune and Clark Gilbert's Deseret News.”

For more information on the allegations surrounding the two newspapers, click here.


  • Finny Wiggen

    If we were talking about a news agency that anyone actually read or used, then I could understand trying to save it. The Tribune might have historic value, but it is long passed its day. With readership at historic lows, and with virtually no more influence than the Green Sheet, why bother…

    Let it die, and let something else more useful take its place.

  • Stormin

    LDS inc. has always sought total control over “news for the sheep” and any negative commentary ——- mission accomplished!

    • Bob

      It certainly isn’t the LDS Church’s fault that the Tribune is failing. The Deseret News must be doing something right because it is doing just fine. If you want to read a liberal rag subscribe to the New York Times.

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