Letter from LDS Church officials responds to criticisms regarding efforts to reach out to women

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A file photo of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

SALT LAKE CITY — Officials with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints department of Public Affairs have reportedly sent out a letter in response to criticisms from bloggers and others that have come about recently regarding women in the LDS Church.

The Millennial Star posted the letter on their website, and the letter is titled “Context Missing From Discussion About Women.”

The letter, signed by the LDS Church’s managing director of Public Affairs Michael Otterson, responds to three criticisms, labeled in the letter as follows.

“Criticism 1: The Church doesn’t want to hear from women about painful experiences, doesn’t talk to them or only wants to hear from women who are ‘blindly obedient.'”

“Criticism 2: There is nowhere for women who don’t feel safe in their wards to have a conversation about some of their negative experiences that isn’t seen as subversive.”

“Criticism 3: By not engaging with the more extreme groups, the Church — and Public Affairs in particular — is not acting as Christ would.”

The full letter can be read at this link, and it is also available as a PDF, here: Context-Missing-From-Womens-Discussion-May-29-2014


  • Cartman

    Trish? Where’s the hate? Come on, you’re letting us down! This one has “Trish” written all over it!

  • Sylvia

    I’ve never really gotten a long with the LDS religion I’ve asked for help and have been turned away because I’m not a member some of the things they say like if your not married then you won’t be together for eternity. But I have learned that God has no religion he doesn’t pick sides he loves us all the same and more gracious then what the LDS believes him to be that temple was built by man but if God decides to put two people together then it doesn’t matter were you get married and god would help us all without questioning our faith because we are all his children and that’s my belief and if I am wrong then he will be the one to let me know

  • walter

    In order for you to be satisfied with the LDS teachings, just take a look at the fact that what world university proffessors/philosophers spend years; trying to know(analize) was conceived in just a moment by the LDS prophet(JOSEPH SMITH)

      • Tiffany

        I think it’s BS as well I don’t know if you believe in the bible but here’s what it says about man receiving gods word from an angel.
        But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!
        Galatians 1:8

      • Bob

        I think you may be right Tiffany. God gave people in the Old and New Testment days prophets because they needed guidance and direction. He probably figures that people in today’s confused world should be smart enough to figure things out for themselves. Besides, Tiffany, I figure the reason God gave the people in the Bible days prophets is because He loved them more than He loves us. Right????

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