2 men arrested in connection with SLC aggravated home burglary, police say

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SALT LAKE CITY — Police arrested two men suspected for allegedly burglarizing a Salt Lake City home Sunday afternoon.

Officers say the suspects, Joseph Madsen and Troy Barnett, had a weapon but ran away when the homeowner pulled

Joseph Madsen

Joseph Madsen

his own gun in self-defense.

The two men were found a short time later and booked into jail.

Salt Lake City Police say no one was hurt and it ended well – but they emphasized that it’s risky to take matters into

Troy Barnett

Troy Barnett

your own hands.

“When somebody enters somebody else’s house, the homeowner has the right to defend themselves – we’re not advocating that, but certainly if they feel threatened, they can protect themselves,” said Det. Greg Wilking with Salt Lake City Police.

Detectives say Madsen was stalking the homeowner’s daughter and believe that’s why the suspect broke into the house.

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  • Bob

    A handgun trumps a cell phone call to 911 every time. When seconds count the police are only minutes away.

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