Freeway sign to SeaWorld San Diego defaced

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FOX 5 San Diego

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — A sign on Interstate 5 near Mission Bay was found defaced Sunday.

Someone reportedly climbed to the top of the sign and painted over it, changing it to “Sea World Sucks.”

The incident happened during protests outside SeaWorld over Memorial Day weekend. Protesters expressed their concern of the orcas that are held in captivity.

“This act of vandalism demonstrates that, once again, these extremists are more concerned with publicity stunts than actually helping animals,” SeaWorld San Diego spokesman Dave Koontz stated Sunday.

FOX 5 San Diego has more on this story.


  • Cartman

    Next: Change the sign from “Sea World” to “Auschwitz”. LOL! That would be classic.

    I’m as far form a hippie as you can get, but Sea World is just outright evil. You couldn’t pay me to enter that place.

    • Master Baiter

      I bet you eat meat and don’t blink an eye. It’s only when the animal is cute they want to save it. As for me? I eat meat and understand we rule over animals. If they don’t like it, why don’t they stand up and take over as the dominate species…

      • Gophercureself

        The problem with orcas in captivity is that they only live 10 years at the most when in the wild they can live to be over 100 years old… look it up. Cows… we can just make more cows for meat. That is harder to do on a whale scale. Also sea world is actually really boring… in my opinion of course :)

  • Trish Ramirez

    I went to Sea World as a small child and I loved it.

    Then I watched Black Fish and things were put into perspective and to this day I feel ashamed that I ever enjoyed myself there. What they are doing is terrible and it needs to be stopped.

    Those poor creatures.

    California claims to be progressive and liberal and wants Monsanto labeling GMO’s and but they are all to happy to be padding their state’s bottom line with the revenue generated by this park.

    It’s one thing to have pretended not to know what went on in the past, but now they know. The state needs to step up and demand that these animals be released.

    Our Federal Government needs to follow India’s lead (right? India?) and give ‘non-human person’ status to these super-intelligent Orca’s and dolphins and release them back where they belong.

    • Master Baiter

      Do you eat meat? If yes, you are a hypocrite… It’s crazy that not one intelligent thing has come from you yet on fox13now… Why do you go back to just bashing cops for doing their job…

      • Trish Ramirez

        I eat meat very rarely, and when I buy meat and dairy I buy free-range and cruelty free products.

        Not to mention that eating meat for sustenance and torturing animals for entertainment are two very different things.

        You can eat meat and still have respect for the animals whose lives were given to sustain yours.

        We raised animals for food when I was growing up and they were never mistreated or neglected. They had good lives and were killed humanely when the time came.

        I bet you’re one of those people who supports Agriculture Gag Laws so that people don’t have to know what goes into their evening meal, right?

  • Rebekah

    Umm hello? Has anybody actually dealt with animals in captivity? You can’t just realease them and wave bye bye. Being in captivity for such a long time means they generally no longer know how to hunt for themselves among other things. There is no way for them to just shut it down. They should try to have an outside official monitoring the orcas and their care that are already part of the program with the agreement that no new orcas will be brought into the program. Remember they also have to have a way to fund taking care of all these animals.

    • Trish Ramirez

      Rebekha, Orca’s are intelligent animals and could be eased into being released. These are animals that evolved to explore virtually the entirety of the Earth’s oceans and which are being kept in comparative goldfish bowls. It’s ridiculous. And I’m sure the funding for paying for their care until they could be released could be pulled from Sea World’s bottom line, as that corporation has made a killing off of their enslavement for decades. Call it punitive damages paid to the creatures that they’ve been torturing and exploiting

      It looks like Cali is trying to make the Orca shows illegal. The next step is to put forth some legislation that forces Sea World to stop their captive torture programs and get these animals back where they belong. It’s not going to happen over night, nobody is suggesting that – but it only seems just that the people responsible for causing the problem should be the ones who right the wrongs they’ve caused.

  • Joey Racano

    Tear the signs -and the place- down. It is a sad chapter in human history like when lions and bears were tied together for the emperors of old. Goodbye seaworld. Rot in he11.

    On facebook: Free Tilly

  • iblong

    I live next to Sea World in San Diego. As a neighbor, I well know that SW has its benefits and negatives. SW generates tens of millions of dollars in lease revenue and tax payments to the City of San Diego. They employee hundreds of people, with first-time jobs for kids as well as high-paying jobs for executives, educators, scientists, researchers, administration, etc. And let’s not forget it was the first SW and is synonymous with San Diego. But in the past ten years, the level of education and awareness they promote has diminished substantially. Instead, they build more rides, more playgrounds, more restaurants and concessions. SW has lost its purpose and mission: to educate, promote awareness, and save animals. IMO, SW can only survive by ditching the higher-functioning animals. The whales and dolphins, unable to survive naturally now, should live out their remaining years in exorbitantly-large ocean pens established in/near their original habitat. SW can then refocus on education and awareness programs, animal rescue, and building more attractions that introduce people to and promote natural conservation of our oceans and animals. And on a side note: I eat meat, I’ve even eaten whale, dolphin, protected turtle and black sea bass. They were all yummy.

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