Dogs rescued from fast-moving river in Farmington Canyon

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DAVIS COUNTY, Utah — Two dogs were recovering after search and rescue crews pulled them from a river in Farmington Canyon Saturday.

Police said one of the two dogs had fallen and was partially submerged in the river and couldn’t get back out. Crews with the Swift Water Team roped off an area and one of their rescuers was able to wade into the river to pull the dogs safety.

“Due to the high water and how cold and how fast the run-off is, we wanted to take every precaution to make sure that everybosy was safe in order to try and rescue the dogs,” said Jason Sorensen, Davis County Sheriff’s Office.

The dogs did have tags and appeared well taken care of. They were given to animal control who are working to locate their owners.

The dogs were cold and frightened, but no one suffered any injuries.

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  • Jeffery Bowen

    My name is Jeff Bowen and I was the one who had the heart to stop at the cry of the older brown dog. My family and I were coming down from the canyon and we heard the cry of the one dog trapped on a rock with just barely enough room to stand. At first I thought I could save the dog, but the water was way too fast and the current took the stick right out of my hands. There was no way I could leave those poor dogs there stranded in the cold water. I guess it was a crazy day, because my wife also lost her purse and then come to find out all night her credit cards were being used by some thief who picked her purse up and then rummaged through her personal belongings. What a night, a guy does something nice and then everything kind of falls apart… Oh well, at least the dogs were okay and I also commend the Davis county canyon patrolmen for being kind gentlemen and helping my wife and I look for her purse.

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