Video: Man suspected in mass shooting leaves footage behind that indicates motive

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SANTA BARBARA, California — The man who is allegedly responsible for a shooting rampage in Southern California Friday appears to have posted a video to social media explaining his motives.

Seven people, including the suspected gunman, are dead after the incident. CNN reports that a family attorney believes 22-year-old Elliot Rodger is behind the mass shooting. Click here for more details on Rodger, and click here for more details regarding the shooting.

A video posted to social media accounts and uploaded to YouTube appears to show the suspect explaining his plan and his motivation. FOX 13 News was not able to independently verify the legitimacy of the video, which is embedded below. Investigators said they had received and were reviewing video evidence that indicated the attack was an act of premeditated mass murder.



  • Shanie Vincent

    Oh you mean like those cops who have their suspects handcuffed, laying face down on the ground unable to move and then walk over and start kicking the suspect repeatedly in the head until they die? Those cops? Yeah! Where were those cops?!

  • Flemming Frandsen

    Narcissism in its most pure and evil form, distusting to se this spoiled kid enjoying his sick aim to act as the sexual popuplarity enforcer …..

  • Cartman

    He shot THREE people to death after STABBING the first 3 victims to death.

    Why is the media trying to ignore the knife?

  • cathy

    why are ya focusing on the knife or gun this young man was disturbed mentally and should have been taken into protective custody and committed on a 24 hour hold at the very least . The police and social services SHOULD have intervened and SHOULD be held responsible and accountable for all of the lives lost including this young mans. And they need to step up and be responsible for the survivors and any one who was a witness to it and was also traumatized including his parents. A sociopath perhaps . There is nothing lol about that sick yes spoiled unknown You should all re read your posts and go judge your selves and your children.

    • Bob

      News flash for you Cathy: The US Supreme Court ruled on 6/27/05 Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

      Didn’t you anti-2nd Amendment friends let you in on their dirty little secret. In California you’re on your own, and without the right to defend yourself.

    • Sophia Anne

      I agree with you Cathy. I see this as a very sad situation for everyone involved. I will keep my unpopular opinion short. This boy was isolated and shunned, prob bullied. He obviously (and very publicly) was crying out loud for help. I think there were a lot of factors ppl just refuse to see so rather than feel sympathy they want to continue hate and that just does nothing for any of the victims and yes I feel Elliot was a victim of sorts as well. It is tragic and sad all the way around… For everyone involved.

  • Bob

    Always nice to identify a motive when trying to figure out why a nut case goes on a killing spree. You couldn’t lock up all the crazies in California, There just wouldn’t be that much room.

  • kerwin

    all you people out there calling a boy a victim a crazyhe’s a psychopath went on a shooting spree because he couldn’t get a girlit doesn’t matter what he is excuses what his problem is bottom line he killed six people and I’m supposed to feel sorry for him hell no may he rot in hell

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