Police: Armed man shot, critically injured at Cache Valley Hospital

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NORTH LOGAN, Utah -- A man armed with a pair of handguns walked into the emergency room of Cache Valley Hospital where he was shot by a parole agent, police here said.

The shooting happened inside the foyer just before 9 a.m. Friday, police said. Jason James Burr, 34, walked into the hospital and "made demands" of employees there, said North Park Police Chief Kim Hawkes.

"He made demands and produced two handguns," the chief told reporters at a news conference Friday.

Utah Dept. of Corrections officials said pair of Adult Probation and Parole Agents were inside the emergency room on an unrelated matter -- they were getting medical attention for a parolee. They were summoned to the foyer where they confronted Burr.

"One of the agents, as they were in the foyer area, was confronted by the suspect," Hawkes said. "The suspect produced the firearms in his direction and four shots were fired."

Lisa Sharp told FOX 13 she was headed into the emergency room when she heard "a loud bang."

"Then all of a sudden, all the other police came and the guns were coming out and I heard an officer say, 'One down!'" she said.

Burr was hit three times, the police chief said. He was flown to University Hospital in Salt Lake City where he was last reported to be in critical condition.

jason-james-burrIt was unknown if Burr actually fired any shots. Police said they were still trying to find a motive for Burr's actions. Court records reveal he has convictions for prescription drug fraud.

Outside Burr's North Logan home, police officers and agents with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were talking to family members. His family declined to comment to FOX 13.

Burr's ex-wife, Becky, said she was stunned. She told FOX 13 it was not like him.

Cache Valley Hospital remained open, but the emergency room was locked down while the shooting was investigated. Emergency calls were routed to nearby Logan Regional Hospital. A pair of nearby schools were also temporarily locked down.


  • Bob

    The advantage to getting shot in a hospital emergency room is that they don’t have to call for an ambulance.

    • Jalaine

      There is no North Logan Police Department. The Hospital is in North Logan. The police services are provided by the North Park Police Department. Chief Jensen is the chief for Logan City. Big difference, so yes, the facts were inaccurate.

  • hailey

    why didnt they taze him. hes in serious condition!!
    wow. at least shoot a leg or arm drrrrr. stupid gun crazy pigs in logan

    • Jalaine

      Try walking a mile in a police officer’s shoes before you judge. Also, the facts have not even been established yet. Try not to rush to judgment.

    • mlfurm

      No… They should have killed him. Not sure why he’s not dead. Should have given him two to the chest and one in the head – fired so quickly as to almost seem one shot. – Imagine your child was in that waiting room when this dude walked in with a gun. Then imagine he killed your child because the officers tried to taze him and take him down softly. There are families who will go to bed -still together- tonight because those officers happened to be in the right place at the right time.

      • Politicly Incorrect.

        You are correct! An officer’s job is to stop a threat, and nothing stop a threat faster than a well placed bullet. Taser do not always work, plus if his finger is on the trigger, the taser may cause his hand to close or flinch thus pulling the trigger…

    • Bob

      The trick to shooting an armed suspect in the leg or arm hailey, is in talking him into holding that appendage still long enough for the officer to take careful aim.

      The trick to tasing an armed suspect is talking him into not firing his weapon while the officer takes careful aim.

      Since you are obviously so knowledgeable on the subject I feel that it would be your duty to march right over and explain to the officer how it should be done.


    • damien

      It boggles my mind how stupid liberals are. One doesn’t meet force with lesser force! If he had a knife then yea maybe a taze is appropriate; but a gun? Deeeerrrr…
      Don’t get me wrong- I have less respect for over-reaching law enforcement these days. However I don’t think you would be bitching about them using a gun against some scumbag with their gun to YOUR head now would you?

      • Politicly Incorrect.

        You are correct, you are allowed to match force, meaning he pulled a gun, you pull a gun. A taser is lesser to the gun. Liberals are treating criminals like they saints anymore… They are criminals, and should be treated as such!

    • Politicly Incorrect.

      He’s a criminal, who cares? If he was a normal law abiding citizen, he would not have been shot. Only you and Trish Rameriez think that criminals should just walk the streets free because they cops cannot so anything to stop them…

    • Barbara Petersen

      Really, you think tazing him would have been enough? My daughter-in-law, the mother of my grandchildren works in that ER and is also in the pictures, I think everyone involved acted accordingly. Perhaps you would prefer that one of your family members was confronted with handguns!!!

    • Curtis6748

      Parole officers don’t carry tasers! They only carry real guns since they deal with all kinds of criminals on a day to day basis

  • Bob

    No, Joe, it sounds like a wounded gunman to me. Look at it as attitude ajdustment:

    Good guys: One
    Gunman: Zero

  • jesus

    I will tell you right now the north park police department is corrupt as fuck you wouldnt believr how much trouble I got in because officer lance wilkinson falsified police reports to get a warrent for my blood when I was 18 after being told I passed all sobriety tests and they took me to the hospital drew my blood and found trace amounts of alcohol in my system and he used to be a firefighter with my father! Im still suffering from thr reprocussions almost three years later and will for probably the next decade !!! Seargent seamons however is a very good policeman only one I know of that doesnt abuse his power.

    • Redeemed

      In agreement with jesus about Wilkinson and the small town justice. From my own experience.

      • Bob

        Misbehave, REDEEMED, and get your wrist slapped; Most people learn from the mistakes of others. Some, like REDEEMED, have to be the others.

    • Politicly Incorrect.

      Lesson learned? Don’t break the law… I personally have never been in the wrong side of a cop, because I am a law abiding citizen. It’s not very hard… Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time…

      • Redeemed

        @ Politicly Incorrect. What part of corrupt and falsifying did you not understand? But your probably one, who believes people should be hung for a traffic ticket….until it’s you. How many times have you broken a “little white law” equal to a traffic ticket? Abusing prescription drugs? Did you idle your vehicle when the temp was over 30 degrees? Have you ever ran a pink light? Forget your seat belt for a couple blocks? Speeding, then realizing? Forget your blinker? If you did and got caught, what would YOUR lesson be, if you were falsely charged with other Violations? If and when this happens to you, remember “don’t do the crime, if you cant do the time”

  • lynard

    Why does said officer carry such a weapon he needs to shoot 4 times to disable said gunman. As the article says 3 rounds hit target “wounding” and 1 round went stray (hospital rooms, parking lot, sidewalk where children attend elementary school next door etc etc etc).
    It’s my guess that the nine mil. Hand gun is not suitable for police or military use. .40 Cal or .45 Cal would both have taken down gunman with 1…..maybe 2 shots not letting rounds go stray with better results. Besides, nine mil. Is famous for drilling holes and going straight through throwing lead into the backdrop.

    • Cartman

      Even if your guess, based upon which you make such broad pronouncements, is accurate, your understanding of handgun effects is pretty questionable.

    • Bob

      Nothing irritates people who know what they’re talking about more than a wannabe who’s trying to impress people about a subject that he is only vaguuely aware of.

      lynard’s concept: “I’ll take a shot, survey the results, and maybe fire another round if I I’m 100% sure the first one didn’t do the trick”/

  • Roots

    Wow this guy just got screwed twice, first he got shot three times, second he was already in the ER but they put him in a helicopter just so they can charge him nearly $20,000…

  • Ruth Gertrude

    What the heck were the demands? If the police know that there were demands, how can they say that they don’t know the motive yet? They don’t interview witnesses? Or they aren’t releasing the information to the news organization?

    Was he demanding money? Drugs? Treatment?

    • Cartman

      “Demands” doesn’t necessary equal “motive.” He may have been motivated by insanity, in which case his demands were irrelevant.

    • Bob

      Police don’t focus on motives Ruth. They focus on behavior. Save your question on motives for a sychiatrist.

      Your typical New York liberal focuses on motives. Your typical peace officer focuses on what the perp has in his hands.

  • Frank

    A guy with a problem abusing prescription drugs shows up at a hospital ER and produces 2 handguns. Without having all of the facts, I would assume that he was trying to gain access to more drugs by use of force. I see no problem with the outcome here. If you threaten an innocent person with deadly force (displaying two handguns) then the appropriate police response is to respond with deadly force. Tasers? Really? Police don’t bring tasers to a gun fight. This guy lost that option the moment he brought guns into the equation. The real problem that I see here is that hospital security was apparently not armed. With prescription drug abuse on the rise, hospitals are increasingly becoming targets for drug seekers. I predict more hospital police departments being instituted as a result to protect civilians and employees from guys like this seeking soft targets and caches of prescription drugs. I’m sure the officers who stopped the threat were not looking forward to administrative leave, the investigation and the potential for civil suit and the potential for collateral damage. They risked a lot by taking the right action. Walk a mile in a cops shoes before you talk your trash. This could have ended with an ER full off dead innocent folks and a huge manhunt for a drug abusing, violent offender. Keep in mind that no one is asking for “help” when they produce two handguns to a stranger.

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