Idaho man accused of holding woman as sex slave, forcing her to use meth

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho – A south-central Idaho man police say forcibly kept a woman as a sex slave for at least a week and potentially off and on for upwards of 18 months, has been charged with first-degree kidnapping, rape and possession of a controlled substance.

Bail on Wednesday was set at $1 million.

On Tuesday afternoon around 4:30, Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Deputies served a search warrant to a home in Buhl. Inside they found devices and restraints that back up the story of a 27-year-old woman who claims she was held here against her will.

The woman claims the abuse began before they moved into the home in southern Buhl, potentially beginning a year and a half earlier.

She told police that Ayala-Arizmendi raped her repeatedly, forced her to use meth and sometimes held a gun to her head.

In essence she told investigators she was Ayala-Arizmendi’s sex slave – forced to perform sexual acts, shackled or with a gun to her head.

She claims he kept her “drugged up on meth,” making her smoke it against her will upwards of two to three times a week.

She says the windows of this home were boarded up – exterior doors were chained preventing her from escaping.

At night the woman claims Ayala-Arizmendi would force her to sleep in his room locking them in with a wood and metal gate like framework that he would fasten and lock onto the inside of the door.

Inside that locked bedroom, more claims of abuse.

The woman also claimed, and the officers found during the search warrant, a metal bucket that she was forced to use as a restroom while she was held captive.

According to police documents, the suspect also threatened to “cut her up into small pieces and flush her down the toilet” if she attempted to leave the house.

But there were times, three or four, she told police that she was allowed to leave the home, but would then return under the threat of harm or death.

On the night of April 8, the woman was finally able to escape.

The police report says the woman’s brother along with three other people came to the home after dark, and “Through a show of force and some deception” she got away with only the “clothes on her back.”

It wasn’t until nearly two weeks later – after the woman was arrested on a drug charge and in jail that she told police her story.

That led police to eventually obtain a search warrant for the home. There they found chains and locks mounted to walls and floors, chains on exterior doors, a handgun, and an electrical wire system intended to shock anyone trying to escape.

Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said Ayala-Arizmendi is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 23 at 8:15 a.m.

Ayala-Arizmendi is also being held on a border patrol hold while they investigate his legal status in this country.



  • Stormin

    Citizens will eventually say enough is enough to these illegal criminals crossing our borders, demanded by criminal businessmen to lower citizen wages and increase unemployment, welfare, etc.. The businessmen now believe in open borders and are pushing congress to let millions more come in legally every year to take scarce citizen jobs (high tech and low tech) and live off social programs and make this a 3rd world country. We can’t afford the social programs now —— is complete civil unrest that far away???

  • Tosha

    Yeah right! That lady just wanted to play the victim , that’s what meth does to you ! You will say or do anything for the drug, and tell any story you can to get out of getting caught with the drug! She was probably doing whatever he wanted just so she could get her next fix, never believe a junky still doing junk,make her get sober and then question her again! The story will change for sure!

  • Mary

    You dont what happened but you should not judge her unless u know what she actually went thru ..(Stockholm syndrome ) most ppl who keep slaves use drugs to control them read up on it its more common than u think

  • kristina smith

    some of these comments on here make me sick…….have some compassion you were not there you do not know what happend

    • Brenda

      i have wrote trhis like three times know.I know this person she got arrested here in buhl over in the lot off napa and payday she was giving them a hard time.They got her in the back off the cop car and some how she kicked that door open and ran across the street with handcuffs on and the officers chasing her,they got her down behind the gas station and put her in another cop car,I seen it all.Know why did she fight and run from the cops if she was scared for her life,why did she wait a week before saying anything.She did not half to be forced to do meth she does it on her own.She has been in the penetentury so many times.I seen her in Ridleys in DEC,JAN and FEB she did not look scared to me she was living in castleford with her grandpa and a freind at that time.Then about two weeks before she got arrested she was hanging with some of some people I know and lived just down the street from my daughter,so some thing is not write with her story,dont,he could not trust her so he probubly tied her up at knight to make sure she stayed home,This is my appinion of the person she has always been a lier and a cheeter dont trust the person and do not like her ways my appinion

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