Woman convicted in violent crime spree sentenced to prison

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A woman convicted of committing multiple robberies in the Salt Lake Valley in 2012 was sentenced Wednesday in the 3rd District Court.

Sandra Chotia-Thompson was sentenced to two 5 years to life sentences, which will be served concurrently at the Utah State Prison in Draper.

Chotia-Thompson and her partner Kelly Simmons, were responsible for a violent crime spree that spanned from December of 2012 to January of 2013.

Chotia-Thompson was the getaway driver in the those crimes, police say.

Those crimes included several armed robberies, including a Scaddy’s Restaurant in Murray, an armed carjacking and a scene where several shots were fired at a Murray City Police Officer. Police say the crimes were fueled by methampheatmine and heroin addictions.

Simmons was killed while fleeing from U.S. Marshals JCAT Team last January.

Chotia-Thompson surrendered to police and ultimately pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated murder.

Chotia-Thompson apologized to her victims in court Wednesday, including the Murray City Police Officer.

Chotia-Thompson pleaded for mercy, asking the judge for probation.

Judge Katy Bernards Goodman said a stiffer price had to be paid.

Chotia-Thompson left the courtroom in tears.


  • Bob

    Sandra got off easy. Her lady friend made the mistake of resisting arrest and departed this earth on January 9, 2013.

    • the truth

      Ya those yellow belly cowards, they’ll shoot ANYONE in the back, probably even their own mothers

      • Bob

        Naw, the truth, law enforcement is actually quite selective about who they shoot. To quaify you have to be a puke with a gun and an attitude, someone who wants to commit suicide but just can’t work up the nerve to do it themselves, or someone on drugs or booze who thinks they are John Wayne.

        Sandra’s friend and partner in crime thought it might be a good idea to try running over an officer. He took the appropriate action.

  • the truth

    Hard to shoot someone in the back of the head if they’re coming TOWARDS you, nice try.
    P.s. No gun

      • Bob

        If some fool wants to try running over a peace officer with her truck she needs to expect the officer to start firing at her, and keep firing at her until he (or she) runs out of bullets.

        Don’t want to get shot by a police officer? Just behave and you’ll probably live to see another day.

  • the truth

    Cop -(kop), n. Informal. A polic officer, a puke with a gun and an attitude.

    Straight out of Webster’s

  • Bob

    You can always identify the cop haters. When addressing an officer it is always: “Yes, sir. Thank you sir.” “Are you really going to take me to jail sir?”

    Rule of thumb: Just behave when an officer pulls you over and you’re almost certain to live to see tomorrow morning’s sunrise.

  • Jacob Law

    Kelly Simons, no criminal record, no warrant, unarmed, rammed headon by Federal Agents and shot in the back of head before she knew what happen, in violation of Salt Lake City Police policy, even Cheif Chris Burbank disagreed with the action and has taken all his officers off of JCAT.
    Thank God we have the SLCPD to keep the outragaous action of JCAT from being covered up.
    If the truth was really known all those that thinking Kelly deserved to be killed would be ashamed.

    • Sarah west

      “Jacob law ” I miss you guys, I’m up in Ogden now but I’d love to ccome visit you soon. My heart breaks for you and I pray for you every night, some day I’ll come up and pick up the picture we talked about. Love Sarah.

  • Bob

    Kelly Simons had exchanged gunfire with a police officer following a botched robbery in Murray several days before she attempted to run down a police officer with her pickup truck following an attempt to arrest her. The behavior cost her life.

    Her partner in crime now goes to prison. It is a win win for decent society.

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