Video: Cat saves boy in vicious dog attack

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A surveillance video shows a young boy being dragged off his bike and viciously attacked by a dog before the boy's family cat runs in to save him.

According to a report from KERO-TV, the attack occurred in Bakersfield, Calif. on Tuesday.

Watch the video above to see how the cat fought back and chased the dog away.

The boy's mother told the station he needed some stitches, but is otherwise doing fine.

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      • moodysdesigns

        The mom checked on him, made sure he was alive and breathing then went to make sure the dog was gone. I would have done the same thing! If she knew the dog and the dogs owner, she probably went to their door to freak out on them or let them know what happened. Thank goodness the boy is okay!

  • MJ Brewer

    That cat is a dedicated animal. The little boy must have been good to the cat for it to be so protective. I’m sure the mom went to save the cat and perhaps get an ID of the dog so she could call services, preventing another attack.

    That’s very scary because the little boy did nothing to instigate the attack, and that bite is quite bad for as quickly as it happened. Thank goodness the cat jumped in, imagine if it hadn’t been there watching over the boy.

  • Jillian

    The mother didn’t just leave the boy. She clearly is making sure that the dog is gone. You’ll notice the cat doing the same thing right behind her. The cat did not act out of love for the child. That is a cat who hates dogs and attacked on feline instinct. My cat will attack any dog who enters our yard. This boy is lucky the cat was present.

  • Jan Nelsen

    I hope this is a true story of cats being territorial — nothing more — but I’m skeptical. Too many cameras, too much editing. Two tests: Is there a police history of troubles, and, more importantly, will the family sue? Think of all the “slip and fall” lawsuits out for a nice payday. In any case, I hope the boy’s OK.

    • Charlie Waters

      So you think the parents set up the kid to get bit by the dog? That’s crazy talk….

      • Jan Nelsen

        I hope you’re right. But there are so many scams out there. As I suggested, check out the slip-and-fall scam suits. And all the news accounts I’ve seen of this event do not address the major questions that reporters would normally address. For example, let’s see the police report. It’s a public record.

  • Paula

    Stop being rude it could be any dog who knows the Important part is that the boy lived that dog is gone and that cat is so brave and I agree with Daniel it could be a lab mix

  • Rhi Cummens

    Also maybe the dog was pissed that the kid was riding a bike three times too small for him.

  • Casey

    I have family I Cali and this has hit te news bad. The dog isn’t going to be put down but chained up. It was a lab pit mix. And for people that think it was because of the pit you look at stats around the United States and labs bite more people than pits do.

  • rene

    It was a lab chow mix! I was attacked by a German shepherd at age 5. Any dog is capable of attacking we had a pitbullchow mix that was the sweetest loyal dog for 15years. Even cats are able to attack a person had it happened a month ago and cat ids no longer with US. I just wanted know why the boy wasn’t swooped up immediately!

  • teri gillespie

    Idk. Something smells fishy to me and it’s not the cat food. The video starts with the dog on the prowl on the OPPOSITE side of the car of where the child and his parents are. Also, the dog “bite” was so quick I don’t see how any real damage could have been done. It looks like someone actually THREW the cat onto the dog from off camera. Just gotta say, I have owned a LOT of cats and I don’t see this happening in any natural way. Cats hiss and swat at dogs but they don’t FLY and JUMP on dogs! Just doesn’t happen. Makes a sweet story, but it’s a STORY.

  • Dp

    I’m a huge dog lover . Being said . With video evidence like this a 10 day hold is ridiculous . The dog should immediately be put down. if I owned the dog and saw this video I’d have it put down ..that’s dog had nothing but bad intentions

  • Mary

    hello idiots black labs and German shepherds kill more people per year then any other dog we just don’t get the highlights of this because 1 the German shepherd is the dog used in law enforcement which i might add has a much stronger bite pressure then a pit. and 2 the lab is the all American hunting dog bird dog etc. so try again. by the way I broke up a fight between two pits and YES I GOT BIT, my own fault I know but guess what I said ouch ouch ouch let go and low and be hold the dog let go one puncture wound end of biting. right back to the other dog however. any animal can maul Mame and even kill just last month a Yorkie mutilated a 10 year old face. 3 lbs most Yorkie’s are. put that in your coffee folks and drink it time to find a new animal to pick on bored with nothing better to do then blame animals for action of humans. let’s ask ourselves what is ANIMAL INSTINCTS???? Do not care how domesticated an animal is that is something you can not breed out of them not even humans

  • Stephanie :)

    Cats can be just as protective as dogs, my husbands cat tried to save me from my husband. was the funniest thing I’d ever seen, we were rough housing and I called out to the cat for help and he attacked my husband!!! So funny cause he was in the other room asleep and I thought I would call out for help, cause he’s just a cat right? So I screamed AAAAHHH Turbo help me help me and he came pelting out of the bedroom and started swatting at my husband!!! Best day of my life cause it’s his cat!!!!
    Oh and btw bitbulls are the best dogs EVER!!! So misjudged, and if you look at the proper sources you will see the majority of dog attacks aren’t from pitbulls.

  • Jim

    Look at 0: 21 sec. Very revealling regarding what was going on in the dog’s head. Tail up – dominance; head lowered- dominance; looking under the SUV- not knowing it was even a child, the dog’s intention was to attack. This is a territorial attack. Most likely a male dog, in tact, with apparently no collar. Probably not a rescue dog because a rescue group would neuter or spay the animal prior to relinquishing the pet. It is a pit mix, looks like with lab. Some say there is a explaination why pit mixes are more prone to attacking than the tradtional American Pit Bull Terrier – something to do with the size of the cranium. This mix has the body of a pit and the head size of a lab, couple that with irresponsible ownership (by owners or previous owners), you have one nasty dog.

    For those of you quoting statistics- pit bull attacks are the most reported bites; however, other dog breeds rank beyond the pit bull but are not reported due to the lack of severity of the attack.

    If you intend to one day own a dog, an American Pit Bull terrier is a good option so long as: 1) You purchase the dog from a reputable breeder or rescue; 2) The dog was has not only the physical traits, but also mental stability; 3) You do not chain your dog; 4) Provide the dog plenty of exercise; 5) Socialize the dog with other dogs and children; 6) Go to a basic dog training course; 7) And most importantly, especially for male pits, get the dog fixed.

    Most pit mix attacks come from male pits, chained all day, in tact, and in heat.

    • Tiffany S

      Chaining the dog is not smart. The ASPCA or CDC I can’t remember which, did a study and a dog is more likely to bite if it is constantly chained up. Also, not to blame the child but if it was a neighbors dog we don’t know if the child was antagonizing the dog before hand. Any dog has the capability to attack or bite but if its properly chained or socialized it can be a great pet.

  • Debbie Bell

    Labs who grabbed the duck or a buddy’s hunting dog and began mauling were shot.
    Pits who matured to suddenly, silently, savagely attack, just as this dog does, were used to breed more “good” pits.
    This behavior is precisely what pit breeders created.

  • Val

    To me it look like the mom thought the dog came back and took off scared, leaving the poor boy to get off his bike and run to fend himself. I think reaction would be to pickup your child and run

  • Brian Heil

    Pitbulls are very good protection dogs especially when you torture them and train to kill kittens, rabbits, and smaller dogs so they can protect the owners home from police and investigators as they owner cooks his meth and does other illegal acts. All you bleeding heart pitbull lovers ask why you got that type of dog in the first place? To protect and attack. Someone trained or used negative and positive behavioral training to make sure that dog protected the home area, sort of like a shotgun pointed at a crowd, someone is going to get hurt. Law Enforcement will tell you, pitbulls are the dog of choice for protecting homes cooking or selling meth. I raised Huskys and they are territorial and will attack. Some dogs hae that instinctive behavior. Pitbulls have been breed to fight and attack. Great dog for junk yards and high security compounds. i wish Tara the Cat would torn out one of its eyes and throw the owner in there too. The Cat risk it life for that boy against a more aggressive and powerful animal, Why? Protect her little boy out of love. Show me a Pitbull that does the same?

  • lee77

    That dog is no Lab-Chow-mix. It may be a pit bull-Lab-mix, or a pit bull-Chow-mix, but all one has to do is watch the video and take note of the dog’s features to know there is pit bull in its mix. It isn’t unusual for a dog to suddenly become a different breed following an attack. Recently in Florida, a dog that had been advertised for adoption as a pit bull by a rescue organization attacked two toddlers and their mother. After the attack, the same rescue organization insisted the dog was a Lab-Boxer-mix.

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