Two 8-year-old Scouts escape possible abduction, police say

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OGDEN, Utah -- Ogden police are searching for a man who who allegedly made attempts to abduct two young boys Wednesday night.

According to Ogden police, the 8-year-old boys were each waiting for a ride home outside an LDS Stake Center at 1402 Country Hills Drive.

The boys were uniformed Scouts.

Police said the first boy was approached by a man who said he was there at the request of the boy's parents to give him a ride home.

One of the boys, Kylor, asked the suspect for "the password," which his family uses in case of this type of situation, police said.

"They said that the guy came up to the little boy and just said 'Hey, your mom and dad told me to come pick you up' and the little boy immediately said 'Well, what's the password?'," said Julene Hancock, Cub Scout leader.

When the man didn't have the password, "I said, 'you are trying to steal me. You're being a jerk,'" Kylor said.

The man then reportedly got out of the truck and slapped Kylor to the ground. But police say Kylor did exactly the right thing, and a "password" is a great way of keeping kids safe.

"It helps them keep their heads on straight, so that they can do what needs to be done and follow through correctly," said Teresa, Kylor's mom.

Hancock said a second boy was approached and had a similar exchange with the suspect before the suspect fled.

The suspect is described to be of dark complexion in his mid to late 20s. Police say he has blond hair in faux-hawk style and a flat nose.

The suspect’s vehicle is described as a late 90s Chevy S-10 truck with an open bed. Police say the vehicle is possibly black and has a long scratch down an unspecified side.

Those with information regarding the attempted abduction are asked to contact Det. Travis Gerfen at (801) 629-8477.


  • William McCarty

    This story sounds like a fabricated lie by a couple kids who need attention and coincidentally just finished a class on kidnappers. Any cameras see the
    truck? Or any adults? Not that it shouldn’t be taken seriously but to put it on the news without any real evidence is a waste of law enforcement time. Also causes panic for parents.

    • Cartman

      Two boys walking separately. I can see a pair of buddies making up a story, but separate incidents? That sounds like a sexually charged pervert who wasn’t going to give up after the first one.

    • laytonian

      I’m with William McCarty. This doesn’t make sense.

      For the number of kids who report they “escaped” from potential kidnappers, you’d think Utah would have a much higher number of stranger abductions. One boy reported he was slapped to the ground….but escaped?

      .,…and Hispanic, with blond spiky hair. What cartoon is that out of?

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