Preview: Daycare 101

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  • Shanie Vincent

    As a professional I hope that you will give parents these tips: Count the children and teachers in your childs class during pick up and drop off. Know your state ratios for your child’s age group and the room capacity of the classroom your child is in. If your child’s classroom is consistently understaffed or over ratio, pull your child or call state licensing. This is how daycare owners rake in the cash at the expense of teachers and students. My last employer consistently had/has 30-50 children with one teacher on a regular basis. They put infants and toddlers in big groups of 13 and 14 with only 2 teachers. You really have to watch this practice because it makes a huge difference in the quality of care your child receives. Imagine trying to take 35 4 year olds to the bathroom and make sure they’ve all washed their hands, flushed the toilets, and are ready for lunch and then imagine serving all these children and then cleaning up afterwards, and then try remembering who ate what or if they even ate. Parents ask did my child nap? Who knows? We were busy chasing the 3 children down the hall who wouldn’t stay in the room, or consoling the over whelmed children who were crying for their moms. Show up during all times of the day, this will give you an idea of what’s really going on.

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