Man facing charges that include domestic violence, automobile homicide after 7-car crash

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DRAPER, Utah – Police released new information Friday about the 7-vehicle accident that killed one woman, seriously injured her daughter and caused lesser injuries to several other people Thursday night.

Susan Madsen, 43, of Draper died at the scene and her daughter was seriously injured in

Susan Madsen. Image courtesy Madsen family.

Susan Madsen. Image courtesy Brent Somers.

the crash that occurred at the intersection of 12300 South and Lone Peak Parkway Thursday at about 6:30 p.m. Four other people were transported to hospitals with minor injuries.

According to a press release from the Draper City Police Department, the man who caused the crash is 44-year-old Bill Robert Thompson. Police stated they received a call about a domestic violence report, but the suspect left before police arrived.

A statement of probable cause states Thompson allegedly assaulted multiple people at that location before driving away.

The court document states Thompson was involved in an altercation with his roommate, and that Thompson hit the roommate several times in the face with an open hand—while the roommate was holding Thompson’s son.

Neighbors who reported they tried to help the roommate said Thompson also assaulted them. There were two children in the home who witnessed the altercation.

At about 6:30 p.m., a person reported that the white truck drove toward their vehicle while it was stopped and made contact with the vehicle. The victim stated the driver of the truck began laughing and staring the victim down before leaving.

The 7-car accident occurred a few minutes after the first collision, and officers later determined Thompson was the suspect in the domestic investigation.

Thompson was taken to a hospital for injuries he sustained in the crash. He was booked into jail after he was released.

According to the statement of probable cause, Thompson faces charges that include aggravated assault as a third-degree felony, automobile homicide as a second-degree felony, DUI with serious bodily injury as a third-degree felony, and seven counts of DUI with bodily injury as class A misdemeanors, domestic assault as a class B misdemeanor and two counts of domestic assault in the presence of a child.


  • Amy

    I am a friend of dear Susan. No one will ever know the pain and destruction this man left to a loving husband and their five YOUNG children at this time who adored, loved and need their mom. We are all heartbroken and paralyzed with shock and sadness. Hate breeds hate. I am the first to forgive a thoughtless and unfortunate, unintentional accident. However, when a man Is beating women and countless others, intentionally fleeing from the police and getting in his car drunk, with no regard for human life, hitting cars like they are toy cars, laughing and enjoying his destruction he is choosing to do, it makes this senseless tragedy even more painful and horrific, knowing it could have been avoided.

    Most of us who knew Susan have not been able to sleep since Thursday because of the pain and loss for her family, and also due to this sweet Tessa who is strong but fighting for recovery.

    I don’t condone or believe an “eye for an eye” or allowing myself to focus on hate for this evil man. I hope justice is served. It makes me sick of the history of trouble this man has caused. I choose not to use this monster’s name, to give him power. This man is sick. He has problems. He is destructive to himself and all those around him.

    Nothing will bring Susan back but she was such a happy, sweet woman that I am trying to celebrate what a wonderful woman she was and how blessed and fortunate I am to have known her. I cannot get through the day if I choose to focus on this monster, I choose to focus on her and her goodness. I will forever remember Susan, and celebrate our all too brief time with her. I pray for comfort and strength to sweet Tessa. Also to her sweet, husband and beautiful children. Nothing has been said about the other victims involved. To all of you that are also forever changed with that horrific accident, I also pray for all of you and wish you love and peace during this difficult time. God bless you all and may peace be with all of you!!

  • Oliver

    Trish, I’m deeply sorry you feel that way about this situation. Only person at fault here is the man who decided to go and take some drinks(which is probably an understatement) and go for a joy ride and make peoples lives completely flip upside down. In no way shape or form do I feel sorry for his man who did this. Whatever punishment he gets I firmly believe will be what he deserves. He hopefully will be sent to jail for life. Killing such a wonderful woman I know and injuring a young girl And a lot of others makes me sick to my stomach. I hope one day you can understand the meaning of life. The family. The love and the growth together. And Thursday that was taken away. Because a drunk man decided to go for a ride… He is the “thug” with a deep deep black heart. I hope you can see that and understand that. He derserves maximum punishment.

    • jewlzzz

      trish is mentally unstable and belongs in uni.
      Then she needs someone to pull down her pants and blister her stupid butt. God where’s your parents dummy????

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