67 LDS missionaries in Ukraine to be reassigned

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SALT LAKE CITY — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Friday the reassignment of dozens of missionaries who have been serving in the Ukraine.

“Due to on-going uncertainty in Ukraine, 67 missionaries formerly serving in the Ukraine Donetsk Mission who had previously been transferred to other areas within Ukraine will be reassigned to missions within their home countries to complete the remainder of their service,” a statement on the LDS church’s press site said.

Forty-one other missionaries who had been called to serve in the Ukraine have also been reassigned to other missions.

The LDS church began moving missionaries out of the Crimea region in March due to civil unrest.  Some were moved to other areas of the Ukraine and others, who were nearing the completion of their missions, were sent home a month or two earlier than originally planned.


    • Bob

      The vast majority of Utahns appreciate the dedication of youth serving as missionaries of any faith. These young men and women are the cream of the crop. They don’t do drugs, get into trouble, aren’t busy making babies outside of wedlock, and are trying to make this world a better place. The decent people in Utah care hiphopanonymous.

      • hiphopanonymous

        You mean trying to get more people to join their cult? We already have to abide by your stupid LDS driven state laws… If these kids want to waste two years of their life, that’s up to them, but it could care less…

      • LDS: The Book of Moron...

        Bob, so by hating people they are making the world a better place? Not everyone is Utah wants to be apart of your cult and be forced to follow the dumb rules. Oh no, there be an evil bar if the LDS allows Utah to become normal….

  • hondo

    Considering that LDS missionaries represent the LDS Church which is Utah based, it is understandable that it would make Utah news and that people in Utah would care.
    Since most of these missionaries hail from different parts of the USA or other world countries, I would assume that this would be considered newsworthy in many other places besides Utah and that many other people would care. The ripples that each individual makes in the lives of others is always profound.
    You may not care, we do. You do not speak for us.

  • Heather

    The above comment made me laugh after I was just reading this to my kids and they asked me questions about it that led to a 20 minute discussion! An interesting side story to unrest that is already changing international relationships.

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