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1 dead, several injured in 7-vehicle crash

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UPDATE: Police say the man who caused the crash will be booked on multiple charges, including suspicion of vehicular homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol once he is released from the hospital.

DRAPER, Utah -- One person is dead, a juvenile is in critical condition, and several others were transported to a hospital after a crash involving a total of seven vehicles in Draper Thursday night.

The accident occurred around 6:35 p.m. at 12300 South and 150 West, and witnesses said the driver of a truck traveling at a high rate of speed went through a red light.

Chad Carpenter, a public information officer with the Draper Police Department, said witnesses report the driver of the truck went against the light and struck several other vehicles. A total of seven vehicles were involved in the crash.

An adult was killed, and a juvenile who was riding in the same vehicle as that adult sustained critical injuries. Officials said those two were not in the truck that went against the light but it was not clear which of the vehicles they were in.

The driver of the truck, a male believed to be in his 40s, was transported to a hospital with critical injuries, but officials said the man was later listed to be in fair condition rather than critical. Several other victims were transported with minor injuries.

Carpenter said the cause of the accident remains under investigation.


  • Lori

    How sad this is. Unfortunately this is how is usually ends up. An innocent person is killed or severely injured due to someone being completely irresponsible or in too big of a hurry. I hope there are severe consequences for the driver ho ran the light. RIP to the victim who lost their life. And prayers to the juvenile who is critical.

    • Ashley

      Lori, didn’t you read the article? This is nothing more than an accident. Accidents happen everyday. No need to throw the negativity out at the driver to get maximum penalties for it. He was injured as well! The man driving that caused the accident was not intoxicated in any way, and was going the speed limit. He also sustained injuries as well. I feel bad for ALL the people involved, and I hope they all recover from their injuries, and may the man who was killed r.i.p. Sympathy and prayers to his family.

      • Shannon

        No ma’am, you need to re-read the article. It states, and I quote, “the driver of a truck, traveling at a high rate of speed, ran the red light.” So yes, he was being negligent, and it caused someone their life, as well as injury to several others. I feel bad for all involved, it was completely preventable.

      • char

        Ashly I do agree with you that this has changed many lives and I also feel bad for all the people involved. But I have to say that this was not an accident I work down the road south from where this happened this was a road rage incident. The man in the white truck drove by our business going at least 80 to 90 miles an hour slowed down to take some turns as he drove north then accelerated and drove purposely through the intersection with no regard to his life or anyone around him. His rage started a few miles before and his anger was still being acted out. Now I work at a school where two teenagers l will not have her mother at their Jr. Prom their graduations or their weddings because someone could not control their anger and used their vehicle as a weapon. May prays be spread to those involved.

      • Bob

        Are you suggesting, Ashley, that this suspect was on his way to Bible school?

        Personal injury lawyers will be beating down the doors of the victims for the chance to take every penny this guy has now or will every have in the future.

  • Jenny

    Ashley, The man was NOT going the speed limit!! I have a friend who witnessed the accident. He was going a high rate of speed and ran a RED light! Witnesses prior to him running the light said he was driving at a high rate of speed for quite sometime and some report that it seems as if there was some road rage going on. Yes boohoo he is hurt too but he is in stable condition. Unfortunately his actions took the life of someone so regardless of being intoxicated it was NOT just an accident!! He made the decision to speed and run a red light. So there should be some sort of consequence.

  • Alisha

    ^^ Didn’t YOU read the article?? He RAN A RED LIGHT and was traveling at a HIGH RATE OF SPEED.. The dude was in too big of a hurry to stop at a read light, and KILLED an innocent person and injured several others.. I agree with Lori, i sure hope he gets sever punishment as well. It’s not hard to stop at a light, and if he wasn’t drunk or impaired in anyway, he should know better!!! Now he is going to walk away from this “accident” while others are planning a funeral! RIP to the person who died and prayers for all the others involved!

  • C

    Nothing to say other than I know the woman killed and she was the sweetest most giving mother to five children and a wonderful wife to a very hard working and loving husband. Now a child is in the hospital luckily alive but with many, many years of rehabilitation ontop of losing her mother. Get your facts straight. I hope he doesn’t see daylight for a long time. People need to be held accountable for thier actions and he had no regard for life when he plowed through that intersection. Rest in peace our friend.

  • Emma

    This man has proven himself a danger to those around him. So sad that someone with such a pathetic grip on his temper and reason has caused so much pain to an innocent family. His detention will protect other innocent families from his lame decisions.

  • Lily

    I’m so sorry for all involved. To the family who has lost their loved one and has a little spirit fighting for her life, my thoughts and prayers are with you. To all the others who were injured, may you all heal. My thoughts and prayers are with you also. To the wife and children of the one who caused this accident, may you all not have to endure all the ridicule because of his decision. My thoughts and prayers go out to you too.

    This is so sad, so many lives were changed in a blink of an eye. Always cherish your loved ones, for you never know what the next moment will bring.

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