Man cited for panhandling sues Sandy

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SANDY, Utah – A man who is homeless is suing Sandy City after police cited him for panhandling, and the man’s attorney says the laws against panhandling are unconstitutional.

Steve Ray Evans was cited for panhandling earlier this year and ordered to stop panhandling in Sandy.

Attorney Stewart Gollan is representing Evans, and Gollan said the citation is a violation of the law.

“This is a clear violation of First Amendment rights,” he told FOX 13 News. “We are asking for an order prohibiting such conduct by the city and its agents in the future.”

Gollan said their lawsuit is based on a 2012 ruling by federal judge Ted Stewart that state and local laws against panhandling are unconstitutional. Gollan said the law depends only on a person saying the wrong words before they can be cited, words like “I need money” or “I need work” or “Homeless. Please help me.”

Gollan has filed and won lawsuits on behalf of Evans in Salt Lake City, Draper and American Fork.


  • Mickey Bitsko

    Where is his business license? He’s operating a business. I don’t understand why panhandlers get a free pass. Why aren’t they bonded?

  • Mark shields

    You call charity a business? Ignorant, I suppose by your standard the donation jars around all the time that say help this child or help this person for surgery ect. You would call that a business? No of course not your only bothered because he is homeless!

    • Paul Rasmussen

      read the last sentence Mark. Yes… it appears the lawyer and the bum are in the business of moving from city to city in order to sue each city.. This is ridiculous and the parasite lawyer is a joke

  • Vanessa

    Bothers me that so many people work so hard at being lazy and “entitled” when they can work just as hard at a real job and acheive so much more. I know someone will say “he does this because he is homless and doesn’t have a job” my answer to that is this: instead of standing on street corners go to Work Force Services and get help obtaining a job. I am a single mother of 2 who works 2 jobs and continues to look for another, because that is what you are suppose to do to conduct yourself in a community.

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