Judge lops decades off pain doctor’s sentence

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File Photo: Dewey MacKay

SALT LAKE CITY — A federal judge has taken decades off the sentence of a Brigham City pain doctor convicted of illegally prescribing millions of painkillers.

In a ruling handed down late Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Dee Benson re-sentenced Dr. Dewey MacKay to 36 months in prison. With credit for the year-and-a-half he’s served, Dr. MacKay could be released in less than a year.

Dr. MacKay was facing 20 years under a federal minimum mandatory sentence. The case was sent back to Judge Benson after the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled aspects of the case were mishandled.

Benson was asked to break with the federal appeals court because of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling about drug cases. In his ruling, Benson also took note of Dr. MacKay’s health problems and the care he has been receiving in prison.

“MacKay appears to the Court to present no serious threat of recidivism. He has no criminal history. His medical license has been revoked which eliminates his ability to prescribe controlled substances in the future. He is 66 years old and his health is poor,” Judge Benson wrote.

Dr. MacKay was convicted of prescribing millions of pain pills — including some that resulted in a man’s death.


  • Mickey Bitsko

    Unbelievable. He’s a drug dealer…..but he’s a white Mormon drug dealer, so he gets a special deal.

    Gotta love it.

  • Lynne Q.

    Dr. MacKay was a good Dr. His only mistake was believing in people. For those of you who have never dealt with severe chronic pain, you can call him a drug dealer because you have no clue. Believe it or not there are those of us, who with every breath we take have pain. Not, “oh I have an owie” pain. Real, severe, chronic, I can’t turn my head or lift my arms to brush my hair pain. He was a God send to them. It was lying scandalous real drug dealers that destroyed his life and left a lot of people who really needed him in a horrible position. If he infact played a part in one mans death, it was because he was getting meds from multiple doctors, or don’t you think he’d of faced murder charges??
    Personally, I feel one day in prison was more than he deserved. He’s a good, caring man who didn’t deserved to have his life dragged thru the mud. There is a lot of drug doctors out there getting kick backs or sexual favors for writing scripts. They ARE the drug dealers, not a Dr. that actually cared about his patients and was trying to give them some kind of relief.
    Its so easy for you to stand in judgement and call the judge a crooked Mormon and MacKay a crooked doctor when all you know is what was in the news. Maybe you should get the full story rather than assuming you know it all. Its not your place to pass judgement anyway, you’re nobody. Just another know it all man who assumes he knows everything.
    I wish Dewey MacKay ad his family nothing but the best in the time they have left together. And Thank You from those of us you did care enough to help as long as you did.

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