Huntsman open to running for president again

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Larry King spoke with former Utah governor Jon Huntsman Jr. about running again for president.

"I'm open but here's the deal you have to be able to create a pathway from point A to Point B," Huntsman said.

(scroll down to watch some clips from the King/Huntsman interview)

Huntsman ran for president during the 2012 elections.

King also asked Huntsman about his opinion of Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State in the Barack Obama administration.

"Well at the risk of totally destroying my future in politics I'd have to say she's a very impressive public servant," Huntsman said.

Clinton also ran for president during the 2012 election.



  • Finny Wiggen

    What do you say about a guy like Huntsman? A man who did such a bad job as governor that he took his family name from being one of the most highly respected in our State, to being one of the most despised…

    And not because he is a liberal. If that were his only problem, he could still be respected. Look at Matheson. Huntsman’s problem is that he tries to be whatever he thinks he has to be, in order to win.

    Republicans win in Utah, so he pretended to be a Republican. Eventually everyone saw through him, and ultimately no one retained their respect for him.

    At this point, the guy is a kin to Chris Mathews, or Rocky Anderson. ie, a guy who libs will put out there publicly, but who they make fun of as a joke in private.

    Libs use him, while conservatives simply roll their eyes when he talks… but no one thinks he is either intelligent, or any kind of a leader.

  • Bob

    Sorry Jon but you are on the wrong side regarding American’s right to own and bear arms. You put the bad mouth on a fellow Republican who was running for office, and you just don’t have what it takes to be our President,

  • Mickey Bitsko

    What’s “impressive” about Hillary? She’s never accomplished anything. Even her most ardent supporters can’t name an accomplishment.

    Most people have accomplished SOMETHING. Won a spelling bee, or something. Anything.

    Her only “accomplishment” was marrying a skilled political operator, without whom we would never have heard of her.

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