Missing 15-month-old child found, is safe

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah -- Unified Police Department officials said Wednesday they had located a 15-month-old child after issuing an endangered missing advisory for her on Tuesday.

According to information from the Unified Police Department issued at about 2:40 p.m., Sophea Larsen was located and is safe.

Officials said on Facebook: "She was dropped off at a family members home and they contacted UPD. She has been reunited with her mom."

FOX 13 News' Robert Boyd spoke with officials regarding Sophea's return, see the video above for his live report.

Sophea was in the care of Jamie Webb when a court order was issued to take the child away and have her turned over to her mother, police said.

Danielle Larsen, Sophea's mother, spoke with FOX 13 about Webb and Sophea on Wednesday.

"I didn't want this and I wasn't trying to screw him over. This is about Sophea. This isn't about me and him. I never took her from him and he shouldn't have taken her from me," Danielle Larsen said.

Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder said Danielle Larsen had been taking the right steps to get her daughter back.

"The bottom line is she's now done what any, I think very appropriately, what any concerned parent would do in this and she's said 'Dog gone it, I want my baby back.' She's gotten this court order," said Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder. "From our standpoint, she's a mother deserving of her child being returned and we're gonna do all that we can do to that."

Police said Webb is a transient and has an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Jaime Webb | Photo Courtesy: Unified Police

Jamie Webb | Photo Courtesy: Unified Police

UPD officers located Webb Tuesday and attempted to serve him with the court paperwork.

Police said Webb did not have the child with him and fled on foot from officers.

The child was not located in the vehicle Webb left behind. Detectives said they followed up on all known locations the child could be but did not find her during that search.

Police said they issued an endangered missing advisory because they were concerned for Sophea’s welfare.

In an interview with FOX 13, Sophea's mother, Danielle Larsen, said the little girl was taken from her after Webb choked her. She said that was in February.

Larsen tearfully described to FOX 13's Ben Winslow how Webb taunted her over text messages about her daughter.

"He told me I missed her first steps," she cried.

Larsen said Webb had been texting her, refusing to take the little girl to a doctor's appointment because he was afraid he would be arrested.

Since Sophea disappeared in February, Larsen said she had been trying to get the court and police to listen to her. But because Webb is considered Sophea's father, and because it was considered a domestic dispute, police could not do as much as they wanted. On Tuesday, Larsen was granted a writ of assistance from the courts allowing the police to take Sophea into protective custody.

When they attempted to serve it, Unified Police said, Webb fled. Sophea was not with him.


  • Mickey Bitsko

    I’ll bite: Why was a transient babysitting? If that was the decision of the mother, then why is she getting custody?

    And how spry is this homeless guy if he “fled on foot” and got away? Or were the cops just too fat?

    Seriously, we’ve failed another child. Pretty much par for the course.

  • peeweeloco

    The only transient is the mother, the best thing that could of ever happened to Sofia is being blessed with having Jamie (webby)web for her father . So when you can’t figure out why she won’t quit crying , that’s when you’ll realize it’s because you took the best thing that ever happen to her , her father . We love you web

    • TBD

      Just curious but do you know what the term “transient” means? If you are privy to the details of this case, would you care to enlighten us as to why the father had been served with papers and ordered to turn the child over to the mother? Furthermore- if “Webby” is such a great father, why is he not turning himself in and disclosing the location of the child? A good parent would do all they could to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their child. Hiding her and fleeing police is NOT being a good parent.

    • Bob

      Sorry to break the news to you peeweeloco but (webby) is a loser. The important questions now is where is the little girl, and will she be found alive or dead?

  • Jennifer Ayers Lewis

    Here is a thought.. Instead of people arguing and passing judgement why don’t they put that energy to good and try to get more info? If you know the family of the father an he is supposedly a great dad and wouldn’t harm her why not dig for info and help them find her safe n sound to clear his name? If he was keeping her safe why won’t he just tell someone where she is so the authorities can focus on other cases where the child may not be safe. It all sounds really fishy to me.. All of it.

    • Bob

      You’re dead wrong Jennifer Ayers Lewis! Great dads take their children to the doctor, don’t run from the police, and don’t choke the children’s mother.

      By the way, Jennifer, what kind of twit makes a baby with a transient? Children deserve to be born to a mother and father who will feed, cloth, and educate them. I’m not even opposed to giving babies a bath every now and again. Sheesh!

      • sarah hymas

        I agree bob. I know webb. he is a terrible man my family and i have had to watch daniel cry herself to sleep as well as cry every time someone said sopheas name

  • Chardz

    Baby has not been seen since February? i can already see the next headline, baby is dead, and has been for some time

    • Elizabeth Shattuck

      You are mistaken she is home with her mother and is fine.
      Who taught you how to read? it is clearly stated in the first two sentences the she is with her mother and safe.

  • meme

    I believe he abused her and know once the mother gets her she will find out! Then he will be going to jail.

  • Shelley Hutchings

    Shame on all of you! Who are you to judge the mother or the father of this baby. Where did you get all the facts from the media (exactly) You should all know everything is not always as it’s reported.So until you know what’s really going on save the comments. I love you both Danielle and Webb (and Beauty Baby too)

    • Bob

      No, not shame on us Shelley Hutchings. Shame on two bio-parents who are clueless when it comes to raising a child in a safe environment. The dad is on the run from the police, and the mother’s mentality is ‘Dog gone it, I want my baby back.’

      Shame on both of them.

  • Pedro

    During part of the press conference it seemed like the little girl was yelling “Dad.” That was sad.

    • Bob

      No, Pedro, the sad part is where Mr. Webb thought it might be a good idea to run from the police. Yes, Pedro, there will always be those who want to justify a man choking his daughter’s mother.

      • nicole

        BOB. You don’t know anything that is going on. Just because the Media says something DOES NOT mean it is all true. Know the WHOLE story before you start believing things.

  • melodylapier

    Just thankful that the beautiful baby girl has been found and she is safe. I don’t know any of the family members involved,.but it is obvious that this is a.domestic dispute and the Dad chose to use his baby daughter as a weapon against the Mom. That doesn’t sound like a good Dad to me, although both are young and both should attend parenting classes and use the courts to get visitation and custody issues resolved legally. The Dad screwed up, doesnt mean he doesnt love his daughter. As far as the domestic violence issue, that is still to be determined by the courts. The only thing that should matter to any of us not part of this family is that the baby has been found and is safe.

  • Wes


    This is from a Father here in Utah, who is has been the subject of a manhunt, who reportedly kidnapped a 15 month old child. IT turns out the child is his. “From Jamie Webb (the guy was all over the news the last couple of days with reports he kidnapped the 15 month old girl):
    let me set the record straight for all you people that are so fast to pass judgment including the police departments and judges, who think they have done such a great job concerning our baby girl
    first off i did not take Sophea from her mother she was living with me in a house in west valley where i had lived for over a year. where she had her crib that she slept in every night and a place where we played with her toys daily! Danielle is her mother which is why when she called me saying that the place she was staying ( and probably still is ) was unsafe and that she did not feel good about keeping our daughter there any more. so i immediately went to pick her up, so she could come stay with me. just like i did every time she called no matter if it was for formula, diapers, the time day or night. all of which where common!
    and i am her father !!!! and yes i do have a dna test to prove it ! which i paid for myself after Sophea was born for the simple reason that her mother was not sure of who the dad was and that i was not the only person it could be.
    not that it is anyone’s business but this is what is really happening for all of you that feel its your right !!!!
    Danielle called me a few months back stating that she was staying in a shed and had no place to go .so for no other reason other than she is my baby’s mom. i said she could come stay a few nights with me and bug ,(Sophea) till she could figure out another place to go
    after about a week and me asking her to leave two or three times, only to have her respond with ” I’m not leaving without my daughter ” which i had not problem with except for the fact that she had no place to go ! so i told her no that she could not take our daughter with her, and feel any father or parent would do not wanting their child, to not know where they where going to sleep or that it was going to be in some shed. especially when she had her crib along with everything else right there at home .
    which led up to us getting into an argument where we both left the home where i lived, and i later returned to get my daughter. (what Danielle did to herself or had someone do to make it look like something else i can only speculate, but was not my only reason for wanting Sophea to come with me. but like i mentioned before Danielle was not sure that Sophea was even mine ! i actually learned of her being born from Facebook pictures (the only real help social media has ever had with my daughter btw) so i was not on the birth certificate. which had me worried that she would take her from me for good. which is what i believe she intended on doing , for the following reasons. when Danielle left the house i was staying at she also took food from the pantry and the clothes which i provided. not only did she do that but she also filed for a restraining order against me. which i have no problem honoring! even if it is not being used for which it is intended ! the reason I say that is that the day after I received text, after text from Danielle wanting me to come get the items she stole from my house. so she could have me unknowingly violate the restraining order she thought i knew nothing about.
    you want to pass judgments on me and think i am some transient out running from the law with a baby. go ahead but know what you are talking about! all you busy body people the police and especially the media have done with your great deed, is most likely put my beautiful baby girl back in the same situation that me and her mother was trying to keep her from. and just so the police department and media can stop patting themselves on the back, like they did some great thing I had a friend drop my baby girl off to my parents house. they did not find her or me . they did however harass my family and friends all of to whom i apologize to and who they should too!!! I’m sorry!
    i know i should of came forward earlier but can you really blame me ? why should i have to prove my innocence to anyone ????? i was under the impression that it was ” innocent till proven guilty” not the other way around! but i guess that’s just the way i am or, the way it used to be. ………………………………………….especially if your a single father in utah where you have no rights and the constitution is something that used to be!

  • Mary

    To Bob you really should learn how to assess things. 1st Mr. Webb may have fallen on hard times at the moment. In the recent past he held a very good job at the airport (Last time I worked there you had to have a level 8 security clearance)maybe try to exercise that pea sized brain of yours and figure out what that means. Everyone was affected in some form or the other when the economy dropped. So in short, the only bad choice for a father here would be yourself.
    2nd. Miss Larsen is far from twit who is like as you stated Dog gone it…..I want my baby back! Kind of young lady. The day in question when baby Sophia was taken from her mother, immediately she began looking for her. She tried all the legal options etc. It was in short a failed Judicial system. What happen between the two of them is their business and they know what did happen. So in the future sponge Bob keep you idiotic comments too yourself, It is very hard to read such meaningless and de ta de comments from a nit wit such as you have portrayed yourself to be.
    To Jamie, a shed really Jamie come on…. Every time I was with Her mommy Sophia was with her also sleeping in her crib, playing with her toys, wearing her clothes that her mommy bought the one’s that are at her mommy’s house. That is what happens when two parents are not together, the child/children have a bed and toys and clothes at each parents house. so that does not make you any better of a parent then her.
    If you had Sophia’s best interest at heart you both would pull your heads out. Jamie quit taking Sophia and making Dani fight you just to get her back. While you send hurtful hateful text to her, telling her she’ll never get her back and she missed her first steps etc. Dani did not have to tell you about her nor did she ever have to involve you in your daughters life.
    Instead of trying to make each other out to be worthless idiots, Jamie quit abusing Dani, physically mentally and emotionally. Sit down with a mediator and discuss what you both want and come to an agreement which you both see best for your daughter. Children are a blessing not a tool that is used to hurt the other.
    Jamie you know exactly what happen that day and so do the people that were present. When YOUR long time friend shows up to the protective order hearing not collaborating your recollection of the events of that day, but instead collaborating Dani’s. You should not try to humiliate her publicly, especially when there were people present that day other then yourself and Dani and Sophia. you took her when you left, you did not come back later. Dani has her own things for your daughter just as you do. She took what belongings she had for Sophia and herself. She did not text you at first it was not until you became rude with me asking you to meet me and let me take Sophia to her mom.
    Don’t tell stories to try and make yourself look like your father of the year. You both are great parents to that little girl, that is when your not busy trying to play in control………..
    I do not care what any one of you have to say about what I just said. Truth is you should not lie and try to degrade ones character publicly there is always someone who will call you out on it. B.S. is B.S. and that is all you wrote Jamie and you know this. Dani has been Sophia’s main care provider, a do it yourself DNA kit holds no merit. Dani knew without a doubt you were the father it was you who questioned it….
    For the last three months her and I tried relentlessly to get you to let her have Sophia back you never would, always you said you would like nothing more then to let her see her mom, but that it was never going to happen.
    Enough said.
    Signed someone who’s been there through it all…..

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