St. George Police provides online reporting for minor crimes

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ST GEORGE, Utah -- The St. George Police Department is rolling out a new online crime reporting system.

The goal is to give residents a way to report minor crimes and not have to wait for an officer.

The web-based reporting system aims to not only help residents report crimes faster, but help dispatchers deal with a growing number of calls.

“As big as St. George is getting, our call volume is getting bigger and bigger,” said Sgt. Sam Despain, spokesman for St. George. “We respond to more and more calls, and our dispatch center and the police officers have to prioritize those calls.”

Information entered through the website goes right into the reporting database for follow up by the appropriate department. The system went live Monday.
Despain said police are already seeing the benefit.

“It was an online report that we took yesterday,” Despain said. “Report of an iPad stolen -- that was assigned to an officer -- the officer was able to do follow up, already develop a suspect and hopefully make an arrest on it soon.”

Only certain crimes qualify for reporting through the online system, such as graffiti, lost property or criminal mischief. But if someone does require the assistance of an officer, they’re available.

“We don’t intend this to replace an officer by any means,” Despain said. “Our goal is to still offer the best customer service that we possibly can.”

Residents think it’s a good idea.

“I think nowadays with people with smart phones, they can access things really quickly and it might be quick and easy for them,” said Clay Brinkerhoff.

For more information on the online crime reporting system, or to file a report, visit the city’s website at

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