Competency questions face Dr. Martin MacNeill

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PROVO -- Dr. Martin MacNeill appeared in court, looking thinner but more spry than he has in previous hearings.

His case on a sex abuse charge was delayed another week while evaluators continue to answer questions about his mental competency. Dr. MacNeill's attorney, Randy Spencer, told 4th District Court Judge Sam McVey that one evaluator had already deemed his client competent.

Another evaluator could have a report ready as early as next week. If the two evaluations are split on competency, a third may be ordered.

Dr. MacNeill initially refused to meet with evaluators, but Spencer said he has since changed his mind.

Spencer raised mental competency questions after MacNeill attempted suicide in the Utah County Jail, where he was awaiting sentencing after being convicted of the 2007 murder of his wife, Michele. In court on Monday, Michele's family sat waiting the results of the competency evaluations.

"I know he is competent," said Michele's daughter, Alexis Somers. "I think this is just a delay tactic by him and Randy Spencer."

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  • My Correct Opinion

    As long as he’s in jail let him “delay” all he wants. Until he’s dead, in fact. I have no problem with that.

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