Peter Corroon to succeed Jim Dabakis as Democratic Party chair

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Democrats met at the Salt Palace Saturday where they had to choose a new state party chair.

Peter Corroon will lead Utah Democrats through the coming election. He won the seat in a race against Richard Davis, political science professor from Brigham Young University.

“Let’s focus on what’s mattered. Good jobs, reasonable pay, decent health care, a decent place to live. The ability to live our lives without discrimination and a helping where we need it,” Corroon, former Salt Lake County mayor said.

Former party chairman Jim Dabakis resigned in March citing health reasons and the desire to spend more time with family.

The Democrats are in the familiar underdog role in all of Utah’s major races with their only sitting congressman, Jim Matheson, stepping down from the fourth congressional district.

Their slate of candidates spoke about middle class issues like jobs and health care.


  • Bob

    Peter Corroon lost the race for governor to Gary Herbert 32% to 64%. With Obama in the White House he’d lose by an even larger margin today.

  • Rob

    Obama was in the White House when he ran, Bob. Many Utahns who vote GOP live to use their hatred for the president as a reason to not vote for local Demicrats. Wish they would use the same logic and hold the Utah GOP responsible for Swallow, Garn, Kiloack… Peter Corroon successfully ran and administrated the second largest government in Utah. He did such a great job that it opened the door for another great leader, Mayor Ben McAdams. The best thing for Utah and Utah’s GOP would be to elect a few Demicrats statewide, for congress and the legislature. It would send a great message and it would help clean up the BS that is still going on and yet to be uncovered. When Utah has elected Democrats they have loved those Democrats. Quite frankly, until we change this one sided culture we deserve what we get.

    • Bob

      Yes, you are quite right about Swallow. He should have been given two terms. One in government, and one at the Point of the Mountain. His behavior was totally disgusting.

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