Girlfriend remembers teen killed in Tooele stabbing

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TOOELE, Utah -- Destiny Fee, 16, has been consumed by tears ever since the early hours of Saturday morning. That's when she said she witnessed her boyfriend, 17-year-old Jesse Horowitz, stabbed and killed right before her very eyes outside Stansbury Elementary School.

"He was my Clyde and I was his Bonny. He was my best friend, he was the most caring guy I've ever known and he was just always there, we were always together, we were just inseparable," Fee said.

Fee was one of at least a dozen teens and young adults on the scene at the time of the altercation which lead to the stabbing, according to the Tooele County Sheriff's Office.

"I didn't even know he was stabbing him until he was on the ground and when that happened I just started hitting the guy begging for him to let go of him and he just got up and ran," Fee said.

Fee said she can remember bending down to the ground, taking Jessie's body into her arms.

"When I looked up his shirt there was just blood all over and I was trying to hold the pressure on his neck and I don't know how many times he was stabbed. I just tried stopping it and it wouldn't," Fee said.

According to Fee, the whole ordeal lasted only seconds. She said there wasn't time to do anything.

"His eyes were open and he couldn't see anything. He was just starring at me and I was just crying and begging and praying that he would wake up and come back but he didn't," Fee said.

Fee said she's never been in such a helpless situation.

"I just kept on hitting him and saying Jesse I love you, please just wake up, please just wake up, don't leave me, you can't leave me."

Fee's grandparents, Sue and Robert Johnson, recalled what they saw, when they were called to the scene to pick up their granddaughter.

"Covered with his blood it was more than children should ever have to endure," the Johnsons said.

The Johnsons have opened their home for all of Jessie's friends and family to gather for moral support. It's been a weekend of grieving and remembering.

"I'm just going to miss having him by my side, and be able to laugh with him, share everything, I'm just going to miss Jesse all around," Fee said.


  • A

    It doesn’t matter who she compares herself too, maybe that was their thing they liked to say to each other who knows but no need to judge that. She just lost a loved one and went through something no one ever should especially at the age of 16.

  • Edward

    Do throws kids think nothing bad will ever happen from all the fights eventually someone is going to get serisouly injured I think it’s more of the friends fault for putting him there and the girl that started the fight on twittet

  • Brenda Darling

    Okay mfg ppl who aren’t happy until they hurt this young girl, she just lost her boyfriend and watch him die in front of her own eyes!! Unfortunately that’s sad and it’s honestly going to stay with her hole lifetime, dose it matter what she said about Bonnie & Clyde?? No idiots isn’t the problem i truly believe! IDIOTS HER BOY FRIEND GOT KILLED SO SHOW SHE SOME RESPECT☆ NOW IDK IF THEY DID DRUGS OR NOT! What happened was very wrong and uncalled for in my opinion, truth is nobody has to walk in this girl shoes or live knowing that your boyfriend is dead and gone for life! God bless his soul and i honestly pray that this girl gets all the help she needs to live a life she 100% deserve and I truly appreciate it if YOU ALL wouldn’t talk shit on here to her about what she said, She a young adult and hasn’t even started her life as an adult! My ♥ go’s out to both sides of the family at this sad part of there life and i honestly is going to ask you all for repeat for both sides of the family involved. Truly my ♥ goes out to you all and most importantly um thinking about the benefits we all could try to find and help this young girl needs! None of us knows what she feeling or thinking about and believe me it’s not fair what she been though enough of the bad talk about anything else please let’s try to find ways to help her along the way And show her we all have a heart and soul and she is loved by all means and that we’re all very sorry for what she has gone through and where hoping for a better life this young girl needs after all. I truly appreciate your blessing!!my ♥ go’s out to her and prayers! God bless this lady always<3

  • Anna

    They’ve been dating for like a month I feel bad for his ex girlfriend that he dated for 4 years. Plus she was so high she probably didn’t even know what wS happening

  • Be Respectful.

    It is disrespectful for all of you to judge these people who have all be threw something tramatic.

    There is no need for you to state an opinion on the matter.

  • Rayray

    She wasn’t comparing herself to a criminal. She is saying he is the Clyde to her Bonnie just as if saying her peanut better to her jelly, the apple to her eye. Get over your selfs and just accept she loved him and now is tramuatized because he died in her arms and lost someone extremely important to her .

  • unknown

    I’m from a small town I moved here several years ago and I have never experienced such ruthless people. It really surprises me how so many have no compassion. I don’t care what was going on no one and I mean no one deserved to die. And when tragedies happen this community seems to pull out all the negative. I have had a few tragedies in my life and the last thing a mother needs is negative feed back I can only I manage what she is going through my heart truly goes out to all that lost there loved one. These people that know so much about nothing need to keep it to themselves you people are what is wrong with society. There is seriously something wrong, over looked whatever the case maybe this community needs to wake up. We have young kids dying in this county and it’s getting worse this mother is grieving so let it go his loved ones have been changed for life. Again my heart goes out to all his loved ones and I will definitely be praying for all of them.

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