Police identify Tooele County teen killed in stabbing, 2 in custody

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TOOELE COUNTY -- A Tooele County teenager was stabbed to death in Stansbury Park early Saturday morning, according to press release from Tooele County Emergency Services.

Officials later identified the victim as 17-year-old Jesse Horowitz. The press release stated the teen's legal last name is Gentry but that he goes by Horowitz. The teen is from Stansbury Park and was a senior at Stansbury High School.

At approximately 12:11 a.m. Tooele County Sheriff's deputies, Utah Highway Patrol troopers and Tooele City Police responded to reports of a victim who had been stabbed during a violent altercation at Stansbury Elementary School, in Stansbury Park.

Upon arrival, deputies found several juveniles and young adults on the scene and a teenage victim who had been fatally stabbed, officials said.

The victim was pronounced dead on the scene. The second press release stated:"He [Jesse Horowitz] was well known throughout the Stansbury Park community and will be deeply missed by all who knew him."

At 5:30 a.m. Tooele County law enforcement officials served a search warrant on an address in Stansbury Park where two suspects were taken into custody.

Larry Beach, 20, of San Antonio, Texas, and Roy Coffey, 19, of Stansbury Park, were booked into the Tooele County Detention Center.

Beach was booked on charges of homicide.

Coffey was booked on accessory to homicide and obstruction of justice.

The case is currently under investigation. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Beach and Cofey mugshots tooele stabbing


  • Jared

    Jesse is my nephew and was not adopted in the sense you allude to. He is my sister’s son and was being raised by her and her husband. Hold your tongue when you don’t know what you’re talking about. He was a sweet kid with a HUGE heart that everyone that knew him would attest to and we love him. There are always lessons to take from others experiences and we all have some glass in our houses don’t we? Respect the fact that he didn’t deserve to be murdered and he was my sister’s only child. That keyboard courage sure makes people forget their manners. Assuming they ever had any. RIP kid love Uncle Jared, Aunt Sara, Cousins Victoria, Veronica, Violet and Vaughn.

  • BB

    RIP Jesse Horowitz #21 my deepest condolences to his family. Jesse was a bright, funny and talented guy with a big heart!!! Always making others laugh he will be deeply missed and never forgotten.

  • Trish Ramirez

    My heart goes out to this family. How incredibly cruel do you have to be to imply that a teenager who may or may not have made some bad choices about who he associated with somehow brought this on himself or threw his life away?

    Everyone makes bad choices at one point or another – those choices shouldn’t define your soul or be used to dehumanize you by people who don’t have any idea what it is like to live inside your head or walk in your shoes.

  • Kori

    Those that KNEW Jesse knew just how selfless he was, he had a beautiful heart that matched his smile and attitude about life and I’ll never forget thesound of his voice. He definitely DID NOT deserve this no matter who he hung out with. If he was with the “wrong crowd” there isn’t a doubt in my mindit was for a good reason.. Jesse changed those around him and was a good role model!

  • ...

    how dare you say it was drug involved? You obviously have no idea who Jesse was. He was a good friend, and you have no idea what happened. Drugs had nothing to do with it. I love you Jesse. Rest in paradise my friend

  • lynnea1

    Is this really the proper forum to dissect this young man’s life? Regardless of the circumstances of this young man’s death, the fact remains that peoples’ families have been tragically changed forever. Have a little consideration. Be thankful you’re not in their shoes, and act as you would want to be treated if you were.

  • .

    Jesse will always be remembered. He was the type of person who could light up anyone’s face with just his presence..

  • Sjc

    I personally don’t know a teen ager that hasn’t made bad choices. That’s ignorant and naive to say. The bottom line is regardless of the circumstances surrounding this tragedy it was uncalled for and a promising young man is gone and lives are changed forever. He was my sons friend. I know he had loving supportive parents. He was a good kid. Adopted or not. What difference does it make. It’s ignorance that teaches ignorance. Acceptance and love that teaches acceptance and love. Lead by example. Keep your negative to yourself. Let our cummunity Moran the death of a kid who was loved by many. Celebrate his life and his contributions.

  • Mandy zucca

    First of all every single one of you on here passing judgment will get there. I am personally aware of this situation and there were NO drugs or alcohol involved! Jesse became involved when he tried to help a friend. So go on living your live thinking everything has to do with drugs or alcohol but don’t do it on here show his family and friends a little bit of respect!

  • Jacob Stone

    I’m going to miss that kid I’m happy we played togather and I will never forget him R.I.P #21 Jesse Horowitz

  • Pamela Thomas

    I wanted to leave a reply because people pass judgement on things that are different. I lived in Utah in 2002 as a mother of a black son and neighbors called the police on him just walking home saying he was in a gang. REALLY! he was 8 years old. We moved from the state of Utah and now he is in school to studying to be a doctor. We never experience this type of treatment before. I guess what I am saying is people need to stop assuming until you get the details.Drugs or not no one deserves to be stabbed to death by an idiot.The person that did this should be prosecuted to the fullist of the law.

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