Search and rescue complete, all racers accounted for after weather cancels Zion Ragnar

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KANE COUNTY, Utah — Search and rescue crews were called out for 10 to 22 missing runners at the Zion Ragnar race Saturday; all racers are now accounted for but the race was canceled due to adverse conditions.

Photos from the Kane County Office of Tourism show snow covering tents of Ragnar participants; the race is located near Zion Ponderosa Ranch, and the 15.9 mile course provides views of Zion National Park, Dixie National Forest and Cedar Breaks.

The information provided by officials did not report any injuries associated with the race and search and rescue operations.

Click here to see the course for the race, and click here for more information about the event.


    • Scott

      It really was not the snow that doomed the race. It was the rivers of mud that made the trails impassable.

  • HAW

    Hunting and trail running are two completley different sports. I’m not intirely sure if you know the difference between the two. It doesn’t sound like you do. Here are some differences to help you understand. When trail running long distances, one does not wear heavy coats. One does not wear heave boots that weigh 2 punds each. Heavy whool gloves will just slow you down when trying to keep a pace. . . . .there is TIME that one has to take into consideration. Oh and I’m not sure if you read the article word for word, but when trail running. . . . .they are not hunting, they are running. Again, two different sports ENTIRELY. I can also send you some links that will help you better understand the difference between the two if you want. Let me know :)

  • Mac

    The 4 to 5 inches of snow was after a soaking rain. One reason the race was canceled was due to the fact that the trail markers disappeared under the snow and runners were way off course at 3 AM on a trail Where parts of it turned to small quicksand pits. Fallen, wet, lightly clothed runners endured quite the challenge.

  • Nicole

    It was almost my turn to run and I was terrified. It only had running shoes that would have been soaked, the mud was hard to even walk through (never mind running) and it was hard to keep track of the trail. “Running” thrugh that for 8 miles sounded like a terrible nightmare. Our tent had pools of water and a car almost drove into our tent during cleanup. Believe me, it needed to be cancelled. It was absolut chaos.

  • Chris

    I took part in the event. Lack of preparation by the Ragnar organization is why this occurred. There were many levels of experience at the race. Knowing this, when the weather turned foul the race director should have taken action proactively. As soon as it started raining the volunteers left the course leaving unprepared people essentially in the wilderness amidst inclement weather. If anyone was injured, it is due to negligence of the race director and the Ragnar organization.

  • Jeff

    I was there for the duration as well – the issue was organizing an overpriced “trail” run which had it gone in perfect weather still consisted basically of laps around a large field on rutted sandy ATV trails. But the organizers don’t deserve blame for the weather – the weather had been poor for days and any runners who chose to head out into the rain, sleet, and snow without proper gear (thermal layers, gloves, gore-tex, etc) should have known better. I saw scads of people walking around totally unprepared – sweatpants, blankets wrapped around themselves, poor lighting – think the main issue was this event seemed designed to appeal to very inexperienced trail runners who found themselves facing a situation where experience absolutely mattered.

    • Jeff

      Note: Previous comment should have read “the _forecast_ had been bad for days”. The _weather_ was fine right up until when it wasn’t, which likely lured many who hadn’t been following the predictions into a false sense of security and lack of respect for what nature can toss out.

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