1 dead, 1 critically injured in I-15 crash, police identify victims

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LEHI, Utah – One person is dead and another in extremely critical condition after a crash in Utah County early Saturday morning.

The Utah Highway Patrol says a semi-truck had broken down and was pulled over to the southbound shoulder on I-15 near milepost 285 in Lehi. Two people were standing on the side of the road as the semi was being hooked up to a tow truck.

The driver of a Honda Civic heading southbound apparently fell asleep at the wheel and drifted off the side of the freeway between the semi and some jersey barriers, hitting the two male drivers of the semi.

Just before 5 p.m., police released the names of those involved in the accident. Police officials said Boyd Miles, 42, of Franklin County Virginia was killed at the scene. Christopher Crandall, also of Franklin County, was taken to a hospital in critical condition. The driver of the Honda, 27-year-old James Warren, was not injured.

Miles died at the scene from the direct impact of the car, and officials said he was dragged about 150 feet. Crandall was thrown over a barrier and onto a nearby frontage road. Crandall was transported by medical helicopter to a nearby hospital.

The freeway was briefly shut down to let the medical helicopter land, but it has since reopened.


    • Teri

      My husband was the tow truck drive there. My heart goes out to the other family’s involved. And I pray the other dive makes it threw. Know that we are think of all involved here.

      • unknown

        Hi Teri I want to tank u for all your thoughts it means alot I also want to thank your husband for all he did =) I am family to both of the men one is a brother and one is a cuzin

      • Christine


        Chris Crandall the other man hurt has 2 brakes in his left leg. The right ankle has been repaired. He must be in a wheel chair for 2 months. And they just found out that he also has a fractured right shoulder.

        I am very sorry for the loss of Boyd’s life. So very sad. Everyone is in my prayers.

      • teri

        christine thank u for the update on him my husband has been trying to watch for updates on how he is doing we thank u for the updates on chris

    • Lenora Farrow

      Leah, I live in upstate Ny and my family & I were very good friends with Boyd and his parents Les & Anne, I was wondering if you knew of a contact address for anyone, I would like to send them our condolences. Any information would be most appreciated. Thank you

  • Unknown

    Are you seriously commenting he did this on purpose? It’s not rocket science how it happened. The road goes straight, which means the driver fell asleep on the straight. When the road turned, he was still going straight. Unfortunately that is exactly where the semi truck and people were. An obviously accident.. An unfortunate one that a lot of people will be struggling to get through. But an accident none the less.

  • ethanofbridges

    I know Chris, the injured one, pretty well. I believe the other man, that died, was a cousin of his or his father’s.

  • Tamara

    Its a terrible tragedy that has occurred and a loss no one should have to endure. It doesnt matter how. People are suffering the terrible loss of a son, husband, father and friend. Ive known Boyd since grade school. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  • unknown

    Christine, thank you for the update on Christopher. Both men and their family’s have been in my thoughts and prayers. I thank god that no one else was hurt in this tragic accident. Thank you to the tow truck driver for the help he was able to give to all involved. I will continue to pray for Boyd’s family and the speedy recovery of Christoper.

  • Heidi

    I want to thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers reading all theses bring me to tears Chris Crandall is my brother he is in alot of painhis heart rate is high he has a plate in his right leg and long pins in his left leg broken bones. And as far as Boyd he was my cuzin please keep his family in your prayers and tari please thank your husband for me for helping them

  • Jamie

    Went to school with Boyds wife, sweetest woman you’d ever meet, my heart goes out to her and her daughter, I’m so sorry momma we love you

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