Man seriously injured as truck goes into river, police say alcohol a factor

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LOGAN, Utah – A man was taken to a hospital with serious injuries Saturday after the truck he was driving went into the Logan River.

The crash occurred around 4:25 p.m. in Logan Canyon on U.S. 89, and officials stated they believe alcohol was a contributing factor to the crash.

According to information from the Utah Department of Public Safety, Casey Sims’ truck missed a curve and went off the roadway before going down an embankment and about 8 feet into the river. The truck came to a rest on the driver’s side.

Sims was ejected from the truck and was found by witnesses half way into the river. Sims is from Bear Lake County, Idaho, and he was taken first to Logan Regional Hospital and then McKay-Dee Hospital with serious injuries.


  • My Correct Opinion

    Alcohol? No way! What are the odds?

    But I thought they put a guardrail on that curve? They fish dozens of cars out of the drink at that spot every year.

  • Rick Bywater

    They have never had a guard rail there, this is way above where your thinking, this about a hundred yards below Temple fork turn off and besides that they have never fished a dozen cars out of the whole Logan river in any single year. just my “correct” opinion.

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