Bluffdale releases water bill for NSA data center

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BLUFFDALE -- FOX 13 has obtained a water bill for the National Security Agency's massive data center here.

Under a public records request, Bluffdale City released a bill summarizing the Utah Data Center's water usage dating back to 2011. The bill reveals the center -- which is reportedly still under construction -- uses millions of gallons of water a month.

In January 2012, the bill reveals the Utah Data Center used 3.8 million gallons. In April 2012, that number plummeted to 58,000. In July 2013, the water consumption skyrocketed to 6.2 million gallons.

On average, the NSA's Utah Data Center uses between two and four million gallons of water each month, said Bluffdale City Manager Mark Reid.

Read the water bill for the NSA's Utah Data Center here

Bluffdale City provided the numbers to FOX 13 under a public records request. The city initially would not release the information claiming it would harm security at the data center. A state records committee ruled the information is public after an appeal by the Salt Lake Tribune.

The Utah Data Center is gargantuan: it stretches miles on Camp Williams. FOX 13 has previously reported the facility will house data halls storing vast amounts of information gathered by the spy center. That much data requires a lot of cooling -- and water to cool the storage devices.

Initial estimates are that when fully operational, the Utah Data Center will use as much as 1.7 million gallons of water per day.

By comparison, local Internet service provider XMission used 115,000 gallons of water last month to cool a 10,000 square foot data center. XMission CEO Pete Ashdown looked at the water bill and wondered where it was going if the center wasn't completed yet.

"They're not fully operational and they're still using that much water? Because an empty warehouse you don't need to cool," he said. "They're still using that much water, so what is going on?"

It is unknown exactly how much the NSA has paid Bluffdale for the water. Reid told FOX 13 the billing amounts attached did not match the rate the agency was getting for the water, nor was the city providing that number.

Reid did say the city was reusing some of the water that goes through the Utah Data Center. It was being recycled, watering the city's parks.

But many critics of the NSA believe the city should shut off the water to the Utah Data Center.

"By delivering water at a discounted rate, the city of Bluffdale is subsidizing a federal agency's daily violation of our rights, which we consider unacceptable," said Connor Boyack, the president of the Libertas Institute, a Libertarian think tank.

"Utahns, who live in a desert where water is a scarce commodity, should reject -- and not assist -- efforts to spy on innocent men, women and children."


  • C. Merrill

    Keith Alexander reported on 60 Minutes for the world to hear the position of NSA with regard to monitoring phone calls and e-mails of Americans. He said that NSA has never gathered the content of phone calls and
    e-mails unless there was “…a probable cause finding under a specific court order”. He reported that there are less than 60 such Americans worldwide in this category. See the show dated Dec. 15, 2013….

    I have met Keith Alexander and I know quite a bit about him; I believe him. We need to remember that we have had no more terrorist strikes here on American soil since September 11, 2001. NSA has had something to do with that. Maybe we need to thank them for that.

    • My Correct Opinion

      Sheep. BAAAAAA!

      They have no legal excuse for gathering ANY data on American citizens without probable cause and a warrant. And if you believe the nonsense you just posted then you know nothing about data mining or its purposes.

      As for the “no terrorist strikes” nonsense: There are so many thing wrong with THAT statement it’s hard to know where to start, but my attitude can be summed up thus: “Those who are willing to trade freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both.” Always.

    • My Correct Opinion

      Incidentally, can you or anyone else point to a single example of the NSA’s domestic spying on an American citizen preventing a “terrorist strike”? The NSA has already admitted that it’s never happened even ONCE.

      They don’t spy on us to “prevent terrorism.” They spy on us because they CAN. Because information is POWER. And governments always take all the power they can get away with.

      • My Correct Opinion

        Oh, and when they claim they don’t look at the content of your communications they’re being disingenuous. Their COMPUTERS look at it, and kick any communications with certain keyword “flags” up the ladder for human examination.

        So yes, it’s true that NSA employees are not personally spying on everything you say. But the NSA is. Just because it’s a computer doing it and not a human doesn’t make it constitutional.

        What, exactly, are they “defending”? What is worth defending if we give up our freedom and privacy? We’re just a third world banana republic.

        One thing is true, though: If we voluntarily give up the freedoms that the bad guys hate, then they are certainly less likely to attack us. A bank that gives away all its money is less likely to be robbed. Burn down your house and no one will burglarize it.

    • lynnea1

      Mr. Alexander could be the most honest person in the world for all I know, but what makes you think that the NSA would tell him the truth on anything?

      I’d rather live in a free, more dangerous world than to be held safely without my liberties.

    • Jeff

      “We need to remember that we have had no more terrorist strikes here on American soil since September 11, 2001.” Where were you the past 13 years. What about Boston, Fort Hood, Benghazi just to name a few. You think we are safer? We just traded one terroist for a tyrant.

  • brad white

    why cant they recycle the water and use it again unless they add chemicals or something to it pump it back into the lake or construct water tanks to pump it to to use it 1.5 million gallons a day is a lot of water

    • My Correct Opinion

      It’s used for evaporative cooling of all the supercomputers they’re running. It would be very difficult and expensive to build the gigantic condensers required to reclaim even a fraction of that water.

  • Bill

    You know what seams strange to me, is on the same day they reported this on Fox 13 news, in the same breath they are telling us that we have to conserve water and that some County’s have already put restrictions in place…If it’s going to take 1.5 million gallons a day what are we going to drink? Where is this water coming from? No doubt Utah’s water sheds, so don’t drink water so we can spy on everything you say…That Make’s Obama Care really look good!!!!!

  • lynnea1

    Putting all else aside, why did Utah let them build this monstrosity knowing that water is not a plentiful resource?

    • amy

      This is the NSA. Right? I think it is funny that you want to know why Utah let them build this? You mean… like when we all voted for Obama care…or common core? Our the Freddie and Fannie debacle?
      Do you think Utah voted on this? You think they wanted it? You are hysterical. I live here… seven miles from this… I can tell you… The MAYORS of the cities that border this were the last to know it was coming. They PUT it on Federally controlled BLM land across from Camp Williams. Maybe the bigger question should be… why is 60% of all the land west of the Rockies controlled by the Federal Government? Why do we let them do that?

  • I don't have anything to hide

    I personally believe if you don’t have anything to hide, why are you worried about the government “spying” on you? I would most definitely rather raise my children in a world with less violence and crime and not worry about who is watching me. Like I said, of you have nothing to hide, then there isn’t anything to worry about because you haven’t given them probable cause to spy. If you have given them probable cause, then I’m more than happy they caught you in the act.

    • Marie

      It is not the government’s right nor responsibility to spy on it’s citizens. They work for us and we pay billions in taxes for these wasteful programs. Terrorist attacks were not common before the NSA and they are not all that common now (at least in this country). The bulk of violence in this country, including a seemingly growing number of mass shootings, are being carried out by our own people. What is the NSA or TSA doing to prevent these shootings at schools, theaters, malls, and even our own military bases? Nothing. They couldn’t even prevent the Boston Marathon bombing and the older brother was a murderer prior to that incident. Crime should be fought on a local level and all the money being wasted by the feds should be given to local law enforcement for resources and better education programs in schools.

      • Marie

        And don’t even get me started on border situation…If the drug cartels have the time to build sophisticated tunnels into our country without our government catching on….until long after the fact, what good is their spying? Then there is the disgusting epidemic of human trafficking and pedophilia….what are they doing about that? Not enough. They are focusing their attention and our resources on the wrong issues.

  • elusiveparticle

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