Officials warned of potential gang retaliations in wake of courthouse shooting

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A courtroom shooting that killed an alleged member of the Tongan Crip Gang is now prompting threats for more bloodshed.

On Monday, a U.S. Marshal shot Siale Angilau several times, and then on Wednesday, the Salt Lake City Fire Department sent out an advisory to its staff, warning of possible retaliation by gang members.

“After the recent gang-related shooting at the Federal Courts Building, there have been several credible threats to law enforcement officers by the Tongan Crip Gang,” the notice stated.

Angilau was on trial for racketeering charges when authorities said he suddenly tried to attack a witness on the stand, leading to the shooting.

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According to SLCFD, “Threats indicate law enforcement can expect shootings aimed at the vehicles and homes of police officers who live in Glendale.”

In the notice, police and fire officials were advised to limit their exposure and voluntary activities in areas where gang members are known to frequent, including Riverside Park, Poplar Grove and Jordan Park.

“Gang members will take any target of opportunity, including scoping out the courts for attorneys walking to and from while the case is still hot,” officials warned. “Informants have gone so far as to mention specific gang officers in the RICO case.”

Salt Lake City police and fire officials would not comment on the notice to FOX 13 News, however, they did want to stress that they are operating as they normally would and not changing any of their practices because of the threats.

“In addition, detectives have been told that gang leaders expect TCG members to get out there and make some noise,” the letter read.


  • Mick14513

    Someone needs to find out WHY the gangs have such a reckless disregard for our regular lives.
    In the mean time – Thugs and other various lowlifes need to be taught a very real lesson in Crime And Punishment so fewer of police and citizens are in the crosshairs!

  • Bob

    No, John Smith, Mr. Angilau isn’t a example of a failed system. He’s an example of someone who refused to accept responsibility for his own actions. He learned the hard way that it isn’t a good idea to attack a witness in a federal courtroom. They just won’t tolerate it – ever.

  • JW

    Maybe everyone shouldn’t be so quick to take “MAINSTREAM MEDIA” information as gospel! I happen to know a few of the actual FACTS, and I happen to know that there have been NO SUCH THREATS made against officers, their families, attorneys, ect…
    Once again, they will twist and turn a story, leave out factual information, add their own false saga to make things more ‘interesting’, thus causing MORE civil unrest and giving our sick and twisted government exactly what they want… AN OPEN GATEWAY TO COME IN AND GAIN CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE.
    Was Angilau justified in his attack? No, not at all. He was in a federal courtroom for crying out loud, and what he did was intolerable. Was the officer justified in shooting him?… unfortunately for Angilau, for the saftey of everyone in the courtroom, my opinion is yes. Did it require EIGHT shots?… a few of which were up close and vindictive?… HELL NO!!! That was sheer idiocy and absolute abuse of the system and his “power” by the officer!!! His badge should be revoked for his actions! Our system is designed to work for the people and apply justice where it belongs. What I’d like to know, is when is it actually going to start WORKING!? This isn’t about whether or not a gang member was justly executed, it’s about HOW it was done. The extent of force that was taken. Ever hear the phrase “never kick a man who’s down”? He was down. PERIOD!
    Now to add fuel to an already blazing fire, false accusations are coming out of the woodwork. Sounds to me like someone (SLPD, government) is just looking for an excuse to unjustly “clean house”. Thanks to mainstream media, every Poly in the Glendale/Rose Park area will now have a target painted of them… whether or not they are gang members. But officers plead not to judge them by the actions of one “bad cop”… Double standard much? I think so. And people wonder why this country is spiraling out of control. Well, here ya go.

    • never the whole story

      For someone who has the “actual FACTS”, you sure have a way of adding your own spin. Assuming now that all “Poly’s” have targets on their back. That is baseless and ridiculous. It is as if you are one of the very media outlets you profess to despise.

  • Bone_spurred

    Angilau had zero respect for the law and the way it’s enforced. In all of his bravado the last thing he expected when he attacked the witness was to get shot at. Ooops! His bad

  • pt

    When is the society gonna wake up and realize how much the media and crooked police and government are trying to brainwash the society and people of the city with false information just to get what they want and have people support them with their wrong intentions their supposed to be the good guys 8 shots to siale angilau even when he is on the ground harmless is murder with hatred and it deserves justice you never seen the police apologize for shooting that many times their the real monsters hiding behind authority justice for siale…. There is no threat they just want justice and peace for siale angilau and the rest of the innocent incarcerated

    • Trish Ramirez

      Totally hear you.

      This is a case of a defendant that was shot and killed due to the use of excessive force by law enforcement. There was no reason for that marshal to fire that many shots in an open courtroom, many of which were fired after the defendant was already incapacitated on the ground.

      Of COURSE people are totally outraged that a US citizen can be gunned down in open court by a member of law enforcement and nothing will ever be done about it.

      I hope this incident doesn’t spark more violence, but of course people are justifiably furious.

      Being a gang member is a lifestyle choice, and a bad one. It involves breaking a lot of laws.

      However, in this country, citizens are entitled to liberty and due process, are innocent until proven guilty and are not supposed to be shot and killed by cops – cops who’s job it is supposed to be to serve and protect but who have perverted the job into nothing more than arbitrary law enforcement.

      People worry about their gun rights – they should be worried about their 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendment rights more.

      Liberty and justice for ALL??


      • ...

        Gang bangers deserve what he got… One less thug on the streets. This is a win/win for every decent person in SLC. Let this be a warning to all criminals, screw up, you get shot. Maybe less people will commit crimes… The soft justice system isn’t doing anything to help… It’s time to bring back the Wild West.

      • ...

        Liberty and justice for all who aren’t gang banging thugs… He was guilty and he was guilty of attacking someone in a court house…

  • 104MONSTA

    Even if the media is making this up the TCG’s are some crazy dudes best believe there will be some retaliation!

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