Suspect in fatal stabbing arrested

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SALT LAKE CITY - A man was fatally stabbed in a fight in downtown Salt Lake City early Saturday morning, and Saturday evening police announced they had arrested a suspect.

Salt Lake City Police have identified the victim as Joaquin Gonzalez, 33, of Chicago. They later stated they had arrested Harlin Ramos, 33, and booked him on a felony murder charge.

Police initially stated two people approached the couple before the stabbing. Officials said Saturday evening that they don't know where the second person is but said that person is not considered a suspect. Ramos was found at a local hotel after police analyzed evidence at the scene.

Salt Lake City Police Sgt. Robin Heiden says that Gonzalez and a woman were either getting in or out of their car near 100 South and 500 West, which is located just west of the Gateway in Salt Lake City, at around 1:20 a.m. Saturday. The couple was leaving a movie, officials said.

The pair was approached by two men, and a fight broke out between the victim and two suspects, and at some point during that fight, Gonzalez was fatally stabbed. The suspects then headed southbound on 500 West.

Heiden says it's unclear why the fight started and police officials said there is no reason to believe the victims and the suspects knew each other.

Police interviewed the woman, who was unharmed, but since it was late at night, there weren't very many witnesses, and they don't have much information about the incident or the suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Salt Lake City police at 801-799-3000.


  • Bill Beveridge

    As long as we allow the Cartels to set up shop in Salt Lake, this going to be happening several times a day, like it does in Mexico and the Mexican Annexed state of Las Angeles.

  • Jennie

    First of all none of you knew Joaquin as I did he was a good man with a heart of gold he wasn’t into drugs and he was just not the fighting type you all have your opinions on what happened but I knew him personally and he didn’t deserve to be taken from us and his family any negative comments on what you think you know well as far as I’m concerned I hope the guy that murdered Joaquin gets everything he has coming to him.

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