Lockdowns lifted at Herriman schools; suspect found hiding in seminary building

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HERRIMAN, Utah — Authorities have lifted the lockdowns placed on two Herriman schools Monday morning after a domestic violence incident was reported nearby.

Herriman High School and Copper Mountain Middle School were both placed on lockdown around 9:00.  According to a spokeswoman for Jordan School District, police thought an armed suspect may have been in the area.

Police found the suspect hiding in a seminary building for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Copper Mountain Middle School.

According to a spokesman for the Unified Police Department, the suspect was found unarmed, but police discovered a small handgun in his apartment.


  • Joe

    This is what happens when you put subsidized apartments next to a junior high and high school, the area is unsafe. People have been told not to let their children walk from the junior high to the high school because of safety. I wish Herriman had been thinking of our childrens safety when they approved the apartments. So lucky no one was hurt today.

    • josh

      Joe, your comment was dumb. So what if the families are low income, that doesnt mean they are generally bad people. In general and specifically in your case, i find that rich people have less character and integrity, as they think their money makes them better humans, which isnt true.

      • Jason

        Your comment doesn’t seem compatible with the experiences of those who actually live there. Your comment also contradicts itself. There are correlations between money and people or there are not? I agree that as household income decreases, people become less focused on secular goals and more focused on things like family. Of course its ridiculous to group all ‘apartment dwellers’ into one group and exclude them completely, nazi-like. But when you develop an ENTIRE neighborhood around subsidized housing – there are statistical correlations that just can’t be denied. How would you recommend a new city avoid the higher crime rates of a city like West Valley? And yes, the article did mention that the offender lived in an apartment.

  • Cah

    Herriman’s growth is being poorly managed. They are destroying the value of our homes by building in every corner without a proper master plan. They do not have a vision and Herriman will collapse very soon missing the opportunity to create a high quality place, instead we will have an overpopulated community with – clearly – not the best people.

    • Joe

      I often wonder if the Mayor and city council have any idea how quickly residents are losing faith in Herriman City. They want new residents but are sacrificing quality for quantity. They will shoot themselves in the foot by wanting residents so badly they develop a city no one wants to reside in.

      • Jason

        I admit I’m cynical, but to me it looks like classic government motivation of maximizing tax revenue. They just don’t seem to be able to avoid that lure. Perhaps the reason is a psychological self association to grandiose plans and big money, or perhaps there just isn’t enough accountability. There seems to be a need to re-evaluate leadership vs leading in the right direction, maximizing tax revenue vs public service, etc.

        As a side note, if this had been a more severe incident, law enforcement would likely have had very little effect. It would have been over before they arrived.

        Denying a statistical correlation between subsidized housing and crime (or poor parental life decisions overall) would be disingenuous. We’re not talking individual circumstances, we’re talking statistical correlations.

        I personally would strongly prefer not to move to any high crime area such as Magna, West Valley, etc.

  • Anonymous

    There are two apartment complexes next to Herriman High and Copper Mountain, Farm Gate and Timber Gate. Timber Gate is the low income apartment complex, I live in the Farm Gate complex. I chose to live there because of the conveince for my high school aged children to get to school ( I am a single parent) I hold the developer and management responsible for the ruckus that goes on. They are suppose to do back ground checks before they lease. I wonder if they actually do. I have been told by unified police department that they spend a good majority of their time at both complexes because of drugs and domestic problems to the point that they suggest I move out when my lease is up. I pay almost 1150 a month for the convience for my children but seriously, I am tired seeing police cars almost everyday at either complex. It is a problem that the city really should look into.

  • Gen X

    A domestic violence dispute can take place outside of the residence. It is not defined by location, it occurs between cohabitants. You can have a dispute and receive these charges at a public park, bar, mall, walking down the street, etc.

    The article just says, ‘nearby’, it does not say at any particular residence or location. In addition to the apartments, there are a lot of very nice homes in Herriman that are ‘nearby’ the middle school and high school.

    Domestic violence dispute happen in ALL kinds of homes/families; highly religious, financially wealthy, educated, poor, single parent homes, etc. It is not just reserved for or linked to apartment dwellers, low income or not. It happens EVERYWHERE!!

    You all are choosing to live where you live. If you don’t like it, quit blaming everyone else for your community problems. Move, but don’t be shocked when it goes on in your new neighborhood. Or, become part of the solution, be a good neighbor, get to know your neighbors, form community watch programs. Educate your child on safety, staying in pairs, suspicious behavior, etc. Open up the lines of communication with your children, your school, get them involved in your community.

    I doubt if Joe is rich. I believe Herriman was thinking of the children when they put the apartments in. The revenue from housing (all forms) goes into the rec center, park, road, etc.

    Why don’ t you make more out of your comments??? I expect Joe, Cah and single-parent Anonymous to run for city office this next election.

    It is lucky no one was hurt today. Thank goodness the local law enforcement and school administration is taking care of your children and your community, cause no one else is.

  • Liz

    You guys are ridiculous. The apartments have nothing to do with children’s saftey. who cares if someone is less fortunate and cannot afford exspensive housing. It’s not what is causing all the troubles in herriman. They are expanding just as any other city is. You never hear people complain about Magna or Kearns crimes? It’s because everyone minds their own buisness just like Joe should, you have no idea what is going on in the community of herriman,

  • Trina

    I am grateful for the protection of our children. The schools did a great job on the lockdown as did the police on finding the suspect. Thank you for all the safety, care and concern for our children!

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