Utahns rally in support of Amendment 3, traditional marriage

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Lawyers for the state of Utah went before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver Thursday, arguing their case for Utah’s Amendment 3, which defines marriage as solely between a man and a woman.

The Utah Eagle Forum and several other groups supporting traditional marriage held a rally at the Utah State Capitol to welcome them back Friday.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and lead counsel Gene Schaerr received a warm welcome at the event.

“We appreciate everything that you’ve done to help us stand up and defend the laws of the state of Utah and to help us defend Utah’s right to define marriage as between a man and a woman,” Reyes said.

The author and sponsor of Amendment 3, Rep. LaVar Christensen, R-District 32, was also honored by those at the rally.

“This issue is about reaffirmation about those principles, those policies,” Christensen said. “It’s not about redefinition of marriage. It’s about reaffirmation, marriage being between a man and a woman and all the things that flow from that.”

The Utah Eagle Forum planned the last-minute rally, and the group’s president, Gayle Ruzicka, said the event attracted several groups who support Amendment 3.

“We are just a coalition of pro-family, pro-life groups, and each one represents our group and their opinion as to why they support traditional marriage,” Ruzicka said.

Davey Stevenson of the Utah Pride Center said those who support same-sex marriage have been advocating as well.

“We’ve had a lot of rallies ourselves on our side of the issue, and we’ve got families there too, we’ve got kids and moms and dads and they love their kids, they love their spouses,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson said he feels the lawyers on their side of the issue are doing an excellent job of representing all of the couples here in Utah and that being against Amendment 3 still means being pro-family to him.

“That’s what we're fighting for,” he said. “We want to see those couples being able to be the families that they already are, just not legally recognized.”

The court is expected to decide the case within two to six months.

“We’ll be waiting for a long time because we know no matter what comes out of the 10th Circuit, we know it will go onto the Supreme Court: It’s a waiting game,” Ruzicka said.

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  • Kathy

    I’m not sure what to think right now. WHAT’S ARE THESE KIDS SUPOSED TO DOING??? They aren’t old enough to consider marriage so I’m left with a sickening feling that they “are there spewing whatever thei (mother=female & father=male have been brainwashing them brains with. EXCUSE ME………BUT ISN’T “THAT CONSIDERED A FORM OF CHILD ABUSE??’

    I’m amazed that “some parents (apperantely parents of a female/mother & male/father) can brain wash their children (sounds like Warren Jeffs to me), AND IT IS ‘NOT’ CONSIDERED ABUSE. HOWEVER, IF THESE CHILRDEN had been of parents consisting of female/nother & femal/father “THEN” IT WOULS BE CHILD ABUSE. Using young children who have appparently been ‘loaded’ full of parents personal beliefs and sending cjildren to do “parents” jobs IS SICK. THE MORE I HEAR 7 see the more I question what is going on? PARENTS (female&male) ARE. DOING SO MUCH MORE WRONG HERE THAN FILLING THEIR KIDS HEADS FULL OF INFORMATION THEY HAVE NO REASON TO KNOW ONLY TO BE SENT IN TO ‘COUNT’ FOR A ‘BODY. Or PERSON STANDING UP FOR THEIR “OWN: PERSOLNAL RIGHTS IS DUSCUSTING. DOES THAT MEAN THAT THESE CHILDREN – WHO LOOK NOTHING CLOSE TO APPRORIATE AGES OF LEARNING SENSIITIVE SEXUAL INFORMATION. This is sexual abuse.

    • LDS: The Book of Moron...

      The real bigots are the LDS in Utah… Stop trying to run this state like it’s your cult church…

      • LDS: The Book of Moron...

        What views? Demeaning women? Demeaning people who are not white? Discriminating people who aren’t in their cult? Hating gays! Using their religion to run this state? Yeah, good things to respect…

    • John

      The vast majority of people aren’t attacking the LDS beliefs. They’re just fighting to not have to live by their beliefs. You know, that whole “religious freedom” thing. They can live their lives their way and everyone else can live their lives their way. To each their own. Do what whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn’t sink mine.

    • Brad

      I must have missed the part where LGBT were writing laws to discriminate against LDS? Oh that’s right, nobody is discriminating against the religious. Drop the victim act. Asking people not to use their religious beliefs to write discriminatory laws is not the same as being intolerant of their religion. They can believe what they want. But they can’t use that personal belief to take away others rights.

  • bob

    Hate to break it to you ignorant bigots, but this state was founded because people were persecuted for their beliefs. The lds are great people..so leave them alone and stop forcing your perverted views on them.

  • John

    This isn’t even a LGBT vs LDS thing. There’s lots of LGBT LDS folks, and there’s lots of LDS people that are pro-equality. The church leadership isn’t, but a lot of the people are. The church will throttle back on interfering in the lives of others as the younger generations get older and fill the leadership roles in the church.

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