Suspected heroin supplier arrested

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SANDY, Utah — A man suspected of being a major supplier of heroin to the Salt Lake Valley has been booked into the Salt Lake County Metro Jail.

Heriberto Sauceda-Rivera, 26, faces several felony charges, including distribution of a controlled substance, engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, endangerment of a child or vulnerable adult and money laundering.

Police said Sauceda-Rivera ran the operation out of his Sandy home. Authorities suspect him of being an organizer, supervisor or other position of management in a drug ring.

Sauceda-Rivera is a native of Sinaloa, Mexico. Court documents allege he still has ties to drug rings there.

Three others who were linked to the alleged criminal enterprise also face charges of engaging in a continuing controlled substance criminal enterprise. Their names are Victor Manuel-Gonzales, Maria Herrera-Morales and Edgar Lara Garcia.


  • hubbert

    I live in Sandy,
    I am writing to law enforcement who arrested these criminals, thank you

    I am writing to Rhonda and nonmorman – yes these three individuals are criminals, and some hispanics are criminals, just as people from every other race and walk of life are criminals (Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay)

    The vast majority of hispanics (both legal and undocumented) are NOT criminals, they are just trying to make a decent life for themselves and their families, just like you and me. Our economy requires skills and labor to grow. Hispanics contribute.
    Economic growth is not a zero sum situation.

  • Brian

    Hubert, ALL people in the USA illegally are criminals! That is why they are called illegal aliens. People who enter the USA by crossing the border or extending their stay without the proper paperwork are no more immigrants than someone breaking into your house are family. I submitted the paperwork to bring my wife and step-son to the US over 6 months ago and no word has come from USCIS on the status of the request. It is frustrating (I am a US citizen) but I am not going to try to sneak my family into the country because I DON’T WANT MY FAMILY TO BE CRIMINALS! It is a choice. Illegals (undocumented) made the wrong choice if they don’t want to be criminals. Facts are facts no matter how much you wish it to be otherwise.

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