Protests over land and cattle continue in Nevada

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UPDATE: Protesters were reportedly trying to free cattle seized by the BLM, and I-15 was closed nearby Saturday.

MESQUITE, Nevada -- Protesters from across the country have come to Nevada to support a rancher involved in a dispute with the Bureau of Land Management.

The crowd at a protest camp has grown as the dispute continues, with many of those coming to lend their support citing Constitutional rights as their motivation for rallying in opposition to the rounding up of about 390 cattle.

FOX 13 News' Zach Whitney spoke with protesters as well as BLM officials Friday, see the video above for his live report.

Local rancher Cliven Bundy stopped paying grazing fees in the 1990s because he says the land his cattle graze on should belong to Nevada.

The BLM, however, has managed the public lands for the federal government for decades and says Bundy’s cattle are trespassing. Bundy has ignored court orders to remove the cattle, so the BLM is doing it for him.

A clash broke out between protesters and BLM personnel recently, and one of the Bundys was hit with a stun gun.

County and federal officials have been at odds over the cattle's removal and the issue of where they will be relocated to.


  • joe blow

    So you want to confiscate the ranches assets when he “owes” 1 million,

    So why arent we jailing the wall street bankers who crashed the economy and got trillions in bailouts?

    This is hipocracy, jail the greedy goldman-sac bank not a rancher !!

    Wake up america ! The geand thieves are running the country, will the petty thieves go to jail for weed and cattle grazing!!!!

  • kman

    This guy is a deadbeat and a thief. If we want justice lets take his cattle and give the proceeds to the Indian tribes of Nevada.

  • Mary

    This is one of the most unfortunate choices that the government has made. Send an army with helicopters (that terrify the cattle mind you) in order to flex your videos and show your authority against ONE MAN that is just trying to make a living. In the meantime, turn the other way when criminals constantly prey on the innocent and steal their identities. Good job government! :(

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