Man dies after crash allegedly caused by drunken driver with history of DUI arrests

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MILLVILLE, Utah – Three people were injured in a multiple-vehicle crash Thursday night, and police officials said they suspect a man involved in the crash was driving while drunk.

Hospital officials confirmed Saturday evening that one of the victims, 67-year-old Randolph Wirth, died Saturday due to injuries sustained in the crash.

Deputies responded to the accident near 140 West and 200 South in Millville around 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

According to information from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office, investigation and witness interviews led police to believe that 40-year-old Alvin Henson was driving erratically and lost control of his truck before striking a car head on.

In addition to the truck and the passenger car, a motorcycle was also involved in the crash. The driver of the motorcycle, Wirth, was seriously injured and later died. The release stated that it was not clear how the motorcycle became involved in the crash or where it was in relation to the other vehicles.

Wirth, Henson and Henson’s passenger, Brian Schofield of Logan, were taken to McKay Dee Hospital. Henson and Schofield had minor injuries. The two individuals in the other car were not injured.

Henson has been booked into the Cache County Jail on multiple charges, including DUI, driving on alcohol restriction and failure to install an interlock device. Henson has prior DUI arrests in his history, the release stated.


  • Bitsko

    Drunk driving needs to be a felony, with a permanent loss of driving privilege. The FIRST time. Don’t wait until they kill someone to take it seriously.

  • Mark1

    Even tort law has a first bite is free rule when it comes to biting dogs. Once you know the dog is bad you have to make sure he doesn’t bite anyone or you are liable (rules depend on which state you are in)

    I do think that interlock ignition devices should be installed in all new cars. Of course drunk drivers should be required to get and keep one for 5 years.

    We are far to easy on drinking and driving.

    Maybe insurance companies could offer an incentive for insurance since they now know that anyone intoxicated can not drive it. There are ways we can be safer without spending billions of dollars.

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