Resource officer uses stun gun on Granger High student

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah -- It all started when a hall monitor found a group of kids skipping class in the Granger High School gym. That’s when a confrontation between a student and a school officer began to escalate.

Ben Horsely, Granite School District spokesman, spoke about the incident.

“The students became somewhat belligerent, and the hall monitor requested some assistance and our school resource officer, the police officer who was on scene here, responded to help out,” he said. “The student belligerency got more elevated.”

A hall monitor requested assistance around 10:45 a.m. when a group of students were being aggressive while being written up for skipping class. Officials said when the officer arrived, one sophomore boy in particular refused to cooperate when he was asked multiple times to go to the office and to take off the hat he was wearing, which was gang affiliated.

“He repeatedly failed to follow the officer’s instructions,” Horsely said. “At that point, the student began to use profane language, using the F-word, references to pork products, really inappropriate things.”

That’s when other students began to back off.

“A bunch of just madness happened,” said Oliver Jimenez, a student who witnessed the event.

“The student then became very confrontational physically, got in the officer’s face, chest bumped with him,” Horsely said. “At that point in time, the officer withdrew his Taser, placed it on his side and when the student confronted him again implemented and deployed the Taser.”

“Then we just saw the Taser, it was just complete madness,” Jimenez said.

But officials said it’s not clear whether the stun gun worked correctly because the student, who is described as being 6-feet tall and weighing about 200 pounds, started fighting with the officer.

“They probably wrestled for about two or three minutes,” Horsely said. “The student trying to take the weapon from the officer until the officer was able to subdue him, and two other officers responded and put him under arrest.”

There we no injuries to either the student or the officer. Afterward, the boy was apologetic but will be facing disciplinary action with the school district and the city.

“Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, wrestling with the officer trying to take his weapon is facing some likely criminal charges, resisting arrest, and I’m not sure of the technical term, but trying to take the officers weapon,” Horsley said.

The school is still looking into the incident, but officials said the police officer's actions were reasonable and the stun gun was used as a last resort.


  • Shawn

    And here we have michael his opinion is classic he would help thekid some punk kid acting like that what is wrong with people today…..

  • gigigoddard

    Are officers trained in any other tactics other than using a stun gun these days? He really felt the need to stun this kid because he was mouthing off? The kid didn’t respect him? Jeez, I wonder why…

  • Ron

    Well this is a poorly reported article. Other media outlets have confirmed that the “10th grader” is actually 6 ft tall and 200Lbs. I would like to see some of the people on this comment board try to take on a man that size…yes I said man because at that stature and weight thats what this 10th grader is!

  • Jimena

    This kid is my brother and he is not 6 Feet tall and his hat wasn’t gang related it was sox hat the news is a lie 😡😡

  • ron

    jimena sorry that you and your family have to go through this but you should really help your brother understand that all school have rules against “gang” material. I am familiar with the “SOX” hat you just mentioned and they come in Old English style of writing/font, which is against school policy. Secondly, trying to fight with an officer and then attempting to take away his taser/weapon is an extremely bad idea and he should consider that in the future. Lastly, why get worked up over being caught for truancy, he failed to hide properly and was caught end of story, just take your consequences like a man he pretended to be when he fought with the officer and be on his way.

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