Roy day care operator arrested for child abuse homicide

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ROY, Utah -- A day care owner is behind bars Wednesday night on a child abuse homicide charge.

Police said an 8-month-old baby sustained a head injury while in 33-year-old Tisha Morely's care at her home in Roy.

On February 19, the 8-month-old victim and his 3-year-old brother were dropped off at a home in Roy for day care.

Bryce Weir, a public information officer with the Roy Police Department, said the father returned to find his child seriously injured.

"When the father went to pick up the child, the child was cold, not responsive,” Weir said. “That child was taken to a local hospital. In evaluating the child, they determined there was a head fracture that occurred, that clearly required medical attention.”

The little boy died from brain trauma a little over a week later.

Police said there's no way the injuries were sustained accidentally. The Department of Health suspended Morley's daycare license during the Roy Police Department's multi-month investigation. Neighbors said, despite that revocation, the day care remained open.

"The last week, I've noticed five, six, seven cars a day pulling up at the end of the day picking up kids and loading them in their car," Neighbor Steve Payne said.

Police said another child broke his leg while at the Tots & Tykes Day Care within the last month.

Investigators are still looking into that second case.

Police said child abuse cases like this outrage the community, and parents said that's because they trust day care providers to keep their children safe.

"You take your kids somewhere where you think they are going to be safe and that happens and your child dies: It’s sad," said Dianne Murray, a parent who lives in the area of the day care center.

Morely faces a first degree felony count of child abuse homicide.

She was booked into the Weber County Jail and is being held on a $100,000 bail.


  • anonomousmad at

    i hope she rots in hell. she is guilty from not getting the attention of the police when she noticed the child was sick.or did she not do her job and pay attention to the child she was paid to watch. ?? life without parole she can think of what she has done to who know’s how many other baby’s in her care. money hungry murderer.!!!!!

  • Laurie

    PEOPLE! Please don’t judge……. none of you are without sin. Since our heavenly father is the only being that can judge. He who is without sin may cast the first stone. Ect.
    I have buried 2 children, so I can say that I feel the parents pain. But I have learned in my 54 years that no matter what I cannot judge my neighbor. I have seen many sad things and many wonderful things. I have friends that if I had listened to my other friends judgments of them, I would not have. And my life has been blessed from those friendships. How can anyone have a fair trial, when they have been convicted of the crime, before the trial? No matter what the crime is she deserves a fair trial. I don’t know this lady and the only thing that I really know about this is from all your comments. I would gladly be a juror at her trial, to hear ALL the facts and then make an informed decision.
    You should be praying for everyone involved!

  • you

    I think there is a lesson or two here, the media’s prime goal is viewers and people love tragedy, so they are going to spin it to retain / attain viewers. An investigation is just that an investigation, that is why due process is so important. A child is dead, two children would most likely lose their mother. Reading the comments I realized many of us live in a place where fear,hate and drama excites/fuels us. It is a sickness and this situation, a direct reflection of the sickness of heart in our society and how it changes loving people into psychopaths, addicts (all kinds), self loathers, OCD, BPD, depression, perfectionists ,finger pointers etc… She is just a reflection of us. I pray for the families, friends and observers that we may all learn from this and justice/mercy will abound.

  • Mommaraisedmebetter

    @ justiceforbaby you know NO more than I do about this family, saying this I’m going to assume you went to school with us as well. I’ll first start off by saying your in the complete wrong & hopefully you pay for throwing this family under the bus by name here on earth instead of up above! Who does that?? These things you said may or May not be true but play absolutely no business to the situation at hand. Clearly your slate isn’t clean either as you can tell just re reading your post. What a nasty person you are for that!!! I will be sure to include you in my prayers as well as Tisha & baby!

  • unknown

    People defending her? What if it had been your child? Would you still be defending her? A child’s life was lost. He was cold to the touch? Are you grasping that?

  • Blukiwi

    When I first read the article I thought of what bad person or idiot she is. After reading most of the comments I feel bad for judging this woman before being proven guilty. It could have been malicious or it could’ve been a thoughtless action or it could’ve been something or someone else that caused the trauma but you and I don’t know the whole story. It’s easy for everyone to judge or say hurtful things behind a computer but I have known people who were in a bad situation in the news and everyone would comment hateful and bigoted remarks. Luckily they were found innocent and I remember no one commenting on that part of the news feed. People feed off negativity and pretend like they’re perfect. To those of you saying she should go to Hell… might just see her there.

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