Terminally ill dad walks 11-year-old daughter down aisle in ‘mini wedding’

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MURRIETA, Calif. — A man with terminal pancreatic cancer won’t live to see his 11-year-old daughter get married, but at least he got to walk her down the aisle, KTLA-TV reports.

Photographer Lindsey Natzic Villatoro, who had previously taken portraits of the Metz family, came up with the idea for a backyard “mini wedding” – which allowed 62-year-old Jim Metz to participate in the wedding tradition with his 11-year-old daughter Josie.

After Jim Metz walked his daughter down the aisle, he put a ring on her finger and a pastor pronounced them “daddy and daughter,” the report said.

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  • Shannon Hatch

    This is so sweet and touching, something this little girl will carry with her through life, and he will be by her side in spirit when she does get married later in life. Such a great idea to do for both of them

  • Dawn

    You’re an idiot laytonion…..the fact that you would even take something creepy out of it and turn it negative makes you exactly the person that you’re trying to portray these people to be! How embarrassing and sickening for you!! why don’t you grow up and quit being a pessimist! Unless you want to just continue to be unhappy the rest of your life!

  • Le Minh Hung

    Wishing a miracle can be made a longer time enough for uncle Jim to see his daughter being in a official wedding. Poor uncle Jim !
    I hate cancers because they killed my father and I pray uncle Jim’s pretty daughter will be marriage with a honest husband in his desire.

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