Woman sentenced in stroller hit-and-run death

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The woman who was allegedly behind the wheel of a car that hit a stroller and killed the toddler inside was sentenced Monday.

Kimberly Munoz, 21, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail plus 36 months of probation.

Munoz confessed in November to hitting and killing 2-year-old Gavyn Barnett in June and then running from the scene.




  • VoiceOfReason

    what they’ve left out of this article is that the mother was jaywalking and the incident occurred later in the evening around 9 to 10pm. Yes she shouldn’t have fled but why would anyone jaywalk that late at night on a busy street with a stroller. I feel awful for both parties involved in this unfortunate incident.

    • sharetheroad

      If she would of been a decent human being she would of stayed and rendered aid. Yes, the mother was jaywalking but neither you nor I know what really happen. For all you know she could of been intoxicated and driving and that’s why she fled. What angers me is she left knowing she hit someone. What a poor excuse for a human being, if I could call her that. So sad…

  • Concerned in Utah

    The mother was jaywalking late at night. YES. HOWEVER the Female Driver Stopped and then FLED, had her car REPAIRED to cover the fact she was involved in the accident. This shows GUILT. she was only caught after a third party came forward. THE FACT THE MOTHER WAS JAYWALKING DOES NOT GIVE THE DRIVER THE RIGHT TO RUN THEM DOWN THEN FLEE THE SCEEN AND ATTEMPT TO HIDE THE FACT HER CAR WAS INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT. LEAVING THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT IN WHICH A DEATH OCCURED DESERVES MORE THAN 30 DAYS IN JAIL. Had the driver stopped and took accountability at the time YES maybe 30 days & probabtion. BUT THIS DRIVER FLED, and then concealled the accident by repairing the car. 30 DAYS IS NOT enough.

    • disgusted with outcome

      I agree with you, concerned in Utah! But apparently as long as we are not in a crosswalk it is perfectly okay to hit and kill us and then take off and live life as though nothing occurred! I guess we should be thankful that she even got 30 days and probation considering if her X boyfriend wouldn’t have felt bad for her killing a child she would have never been found or taken responsibility! Sad day when you can hit and kill a child, treat it as though it was just a pile of garbage and flee the accident, have everyone in your life cover for you so you can just carry on with your life like you didn’t just kill someone’s child and ruin a person’s life forever! Some justice was served… REALLY!?! The child she killed will never ever get to enjoy any of his life, why should she? The Mom will relive that moment and have no peace ever in her life! But in 30 days all will go back to normal for this coward just like her and her family was planning all along! She should have gotten alot more time and alot of community service, then maybe she would feel remorse… not for the child or family because shes already shown she has no remorse for life but at least she’d have felt some kind of remorse! (time taken from her own life!) thoroughly disgusted!!!

  • none ya

    Its so sad a child lost its life because of hid careless mother walking across a street in the dark not at a cross walk. Rip poor innocent baby. And its sad that the 21 year old girl will. Have this in her mind for the rest of her life.

  • Salma

    Wow she kills child and gets 30 in jail but my sister in law steals a water bottle and get a year in jail !

  • Nathan B

    What the mother did is outside of what this lady did. Granted it is a Tragic accident. But this lady did everything she could to cover up what she had done. The 30 day Jail sentence is not enough for the crime she committed. We need to stop offering Plea Deals in cases where it is obvious that someone attempted to conceal the crime being commited. The Justice system failed in this case

  • Lis

    Yeah she had a nine year old with her. A nine year old with a mother who passed out after the accident. A nine year old who picked her small brother out of the street and tried to put his diaper back on. A nine year old who was watching her brother die and didn’t know what to do. Than you have this subhuman witch drive off without bothering to get out of the car. She didn’t care, she didn’t try to help, and no mother I know could have left that little boy dying in the street. Magic lines in the road or not, this woman had an obligation to help the people she hurt but she didn’t and that is why most people recognize this punishment is a miscarriage of justice. Sorry I believe people are human beings, not stray cats, no matter where the lines in the road rest. And if an arbitrary man created line is enough to cloud the very distinct line between right and wrong for some people, than common sense is truly dead.

    • haley

      You don’t know all of the story ! Yes, kim should have not run but she was scared and didn’t know what to do. The mother of that that child should be charged with death of the two year old because if she used a cross walk the baby might to still be a live .

  • russojoe205000

    The bottom line is she hit and killed a baby and got a slap on the wrist!
    She should be doing time for vehicular homicide and leaving the seen of an accident. She fled the seen hoping not to be caught and we will not know weather she was drinking and driving or on drugs.
    This is a total slap in the face to the family who will never see their child grow up, and a mockery of justice.

  • sharetheroad

    Utah laws are down right ridiculous! 30 days is not nearly enough time for the lifelong agony this parent has to endure. She should of got manslaughter charges cause that’s what she did, she killed someone. What if this had been your child?

    • sherry ross

      what if it were her child would feel that she got justice. i think not. and all of you who say the mom was wrong. you have never made a bad choice in your life have you. cuz if you did then someone you love would have died for it too. at least by your reasoning.

  • Jazzy Roberts

    Wow i just did 60 days in jail for a victimless crime… And this girl walks away after a short stay and probation? Why is this the reason she got one month… why didnt i get one month for a victimless crime? Wow utah laws are stupider by the case

  • michael

    Just remember what this girl looks like and. If you see her just run her over with your car eye for eye

  • Julie Dew Price

    The woman is guilty of hit and run. I think 30 days is probably fair. Staying on the scene would not have changed the outcome. Her driving wasn’t at fault since she didn’t see people on a dark street who weren’t in a cross walk, probably no one else would have either. Unless she was intoxicated and we will never know how much that played into the incident.

    • stars

      I think what every body is forgetting is that other cars stopped for the woman to cross and this woman angrily went around the stopped cars.

  • Nathan B

    I see all these people placing balme on the mother instead of the person that hit and killed this child, then tried to cover up and Conceal this Crime. Yes the Mother should have been using the cross walk, but that DOESN’T make the DRIVER BLAMELESS. Thank you Lis

  • Annoyed

    Some of you sayin,” it was too dark for her to see the women and childen!” really need to watch the news video again that was shown shortly after it happend! The guy doing the news that night said,”it was about this time last night!” Well guess what…it was still light enough to see someone crossing the road!! Are you also forgetting… it was summer time?! It stayed light outside longer,i even remember one night it stayed light till past 10pm! The women that hit this mothers baby boy is a monster! I don’t care “if” she was afraid! She hit this baby boy,left the scene and covered up what she had done! Now think to yourselfs if, that was you this happened to would you still be saying what you are now?! Doubt it!! Yeah the mother may have crossed in an area she shouldn’t have been,but quit blaming the mother of the child that was killed!!

  • Reese

    My friend had his 4 th dui and got only 10 days in jail how long must we wait before he kills somebody. Pbnj. Now were only getting 30 days for that huh yet were getting mandatory drug charges. This is rediculous I’m looking at more time for something way less in penalty I didn’t even hurt anyone nor put anyone in harm’s way the justice system is completely obsurd and some of it is the prosecuters handing out sentences jusdges don’t even judge anymore it’s all the state d.a and that to me is pathetic.

    • Tami Venegas

      Wow Reese what county/city did your friend get his 4th DUI cause 2 years ago I got my 2nd DUI and was suppose to do 10 days but got community service instead cause I barely blew the limit and from what I heard about the Utah laws And DUI’s if u get a 3rd one it’s mandatory 1 year or more in prison how the hell did your friend get off so easy with only 10 days w a 4th DUI doesn’t sound like Utah!?!

  • VoiceOfReason

    We ca place blame all we want, but I think everyone can learn from this incident. Both pedestrian and drivers. Pedestrians, especially with children should use a crosswalk just in case its not worth losing a life. Drivers shouldn’t speed and keep an eye on the road at all times-leaving the phone in their pocket/purse.

  • Missy

    The mother seems like a junky it should be more then a damper that was put on her life if I lost one of my kids it would kill me and destroy my life not just put a damper on it. The driver should be held responsible because she it the baby then left I think both of them should be locked up the only person who suffers because of this is that baby the mother shouldn’t have been out. In the middle of a road at night and drivers should be prepared for that kind of stuff

  • Anj

    Missy guess what scrub u dont know me I’m far frm junky judgemental waste mayb before you or anyone opens up an writes words down make sure your own finger is clean ..

    • smkdwn

      anj your just as much guilty as the poor young girl that killed your baby .i cant wait till you get served papers for your court date so you can get charged for neg, child abuse , and put in rehab you junky ! who in there right mind would cross that road in the dark like you did you must have been on something or picking something up to go use and you was in a hurry to get home and use it.

      • sherry ross

        where has it ever said that the mother is a junky. i do know it said that the driver was supposed to where glasses for driving and she was not. just wondering

  • Laurie

    There are plenty of people in crosswalks that get hit and killed, so the crosswalk should not make much difference in this case. The girl that hit that baby is the only one to blame, no the mother should not have been out there like that but I think we have all jaywalked at some time in our lives. If the girl had stopped then I would not blame her at all, but when she left and didn’t come forward and probably never would have if someone hadn’t turned her in finally, then she should have been held more responsible for her actions. Even if she left and then came forward later would have been better than what she had done, I don’t believe she has remorse for what she had done, she is just upset because she was caught. I feel the justice has again let us all down.

  • Hope

    Utah law states that pedestrians have the right of way no matter where they are walking. J – walking is not ok, but drivers have an obligation to be aware. More so than pedestrians because they are operating a vehicle. Cars don’t have to try to kill people. It comes as a package deal. If you are going to drive a car, you have to be aware of everything. The mother paid a heavy price to cross the street without a crosswalk. Unfortunately her daughter paid heavily too, and her son paid the heaviest price. 30 days feels unjust, however, I have no desire to crucify the driver. She has to live with herself. That would be awful too.

  • smkdwn

    anj your just as much guilty as the poor young girl that killed your baby .i cant wait till you get served papers for your court date so you can get charged for neg, child abuse , and put in rehab you junky ! who in there right mind would cross that road in the dark like you did you must have been on something or picking something up to go use and you was in a hurry to get home and use it.

    • Concerned in Utah

      In some states underage smoking is punishable with 90 Days in Jail, a unemplyed Father who fails to pay child support as he is unable to gets 90 Days in Jail. This Woman KILLED someone. Irregardless of the circumstances she Killed someone, then fled and tried to cover it up by repairing the car. Ask yourself this question. If someone playing with a gun accidentally shoots someone, then disposes of the gun, and blames someone else only to be caught later. . . . Would that person get 30 Days in jail ????? Most likely NOT. yet this woman did. . . she DID Stop then FLED. showing she knew she killed someone and knew it was wrong. SHE DID NOT WILLINGLY COME FORWARD . . . I think the Father should also have been charged with accessory for helping repair the car. Your child or not you should have reported it. Had she stopped or had she willingly come forward within a few days I might say leniency. But she DID NOT and even today She still shows little or no remorse. . . so I guess the new way to kill someone is to run them over late at night, flee the scene repair your car and claim you were scared which is why you didn’t come forward . . . LEGAL MURDER if you ask me.

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