“Mountain Man” burglary suspect may take plea deal

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ST. GEORGE — “Mountain Man” burglary suspect Troy Knapp may take a plea deal in a hearing scheduled next month.

Court records indicate that Troy James Knapp is scheduled for a change of plea hearing on April 7 in a federal courtroom here. Knapp is facing assault and weapons charges after he was indicted by a federal grand jury last year.

Knapp was arrested last year after police say he eluded them for months. A suspect in dozens of cabin burglaries across Utah, the sightings of the solitary man and his ability to stay on the run earned him the nickname “Mountain Man.”


    • MQB3

      Absolutely standard. I personally know of a case of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault (with several other charges) that was plead down to possession of a controlled substance, and the perp served 30 days. He was guilty as sin, too. But Sim Gill, the District Attorney, doesn’t prosecute cases.

  • Brittius

    Unbelievable! Wow. I hope things work out for you people over there, and I am very sorry to hear of what is taking place, especially in such a beautiful area of America.

  • To Brttius......

    Brittius…..I have lived here all of my life and the answer to your question is “no”. This is the first case of this type. He also does not deserve to be called a mountain man, a true mountain man is about honor,hard work ,loving the land and living off the land,this guy can only survive by stealing from others labor. Utah has a unique beauty ,and I thank you for your comment!

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