‘Redneck Road Rage’ video shows angry driver reaping instant karma

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(WARNING: Hand gestures made by people in this video may be considered offensive to some viewers.)

A driver made a rude hand gesture and crashed his truck almost immediately after in what many people are calling an instance of instant karma.

The rude gesture occurs just before the 1:20 mark, and the accident happens just seconds later.

According to the YouTube video’s description, the incident took place on SR 41 in Tampa March 24. The poster states the truck driver was tailgating his or her vehicle, and when the truck eventually passed in the right lane the driver can be seen flipping the poster the bird.

Almost immediately after making the gesture, the truck can be seen fishtailing across the road and crashing. The video description states there were no injuries and that the man fled the scene but was later found by police.


  • Raquel Provance

    Riding the left lane, and using her phone to video to boot. Not to mention the “speeding up” when he tried to pass her. She’s a jerk. Every bit as passive-aggressive as he was.

    • MQB3

      She didn’t speed up. He slowed back down to flip her off after he got past her. But other than that, I agree. Her behavior was stupid and dangerous.

      Two fools met. But I’m glad at least one of them reaped his karma.

    • Ella

      I agree. Then she laughed at his accident. Who’s the jerk? Both of them probably, but she definitely is.

      • Mr. T

        Look up harassment in the dictionary and you’ll find it’s a repeated pattern. At what point is it harassment? The filming of his gesture twice, or ten times? Did he try to run her off the road? NO. Why didn’t she film the right lane? Was she blocked from moving over? Obviously, she displayed rude behavior herself since she took the time to ride and film the “redneck” truck driver without giving way and displaying the courtesy of moving over. Who determined this truck driver was a “redneck”? Does she know him? The fact she laughed at his loss of control displays she’s just as disturbed as he is. Unfortunately, I’ve lived long enough to see a breakdown in common courtesy and civility and feel sorry for the nasty country this has become for so many people.

  • Keith S

    No excuse for the unsafe and rude behavior by the truck driver but maybe he was upset by the car going 48 mph in the “passing lane” instead of pulling over to the right lane to let faster traffic pass, as would be the practice of a safe and courteous driver.

    • Dave

      It looked like the driver with the camera was in the passing lane, passing a flatbed truck, and I suspect doing the speed limit or slightly above in the process. The pickup truck that wanted to speed agressively should have just waited for the traffic to clear, or simply obey the speed limit. Problem solved. He took a different course of action, and we see Darwinism in effect.

      • mgearmail

        You obviously didn’t watch the whole video. During most of it, she had plenty of room to get over. In not doing so, she was also breaking the law.

      • PIAttorney

        I have practiced personal injury law for 13 years. I agree with the comments above that she is the one to blame. Driving in the passing lane as if to instigate this and filming it while she is driving. It is against the law in most states to drive in the passing lane without moving over to allow others to pass. She had plenty of room to do so. Then she sped up so the pickup could not pass her. She should be at least partly liable for his damages.

      • foxyteacher

        Watch an interview with the lady who filmed it… she was in the left lane as she was getting ready to make a left hand. If you see when the guy flips that there are turn lanes to make left hand turns on this particular section.

  • MQB3

    You are required to move to the right to yield to overtaking traffic, regardless of your speed OR theirs.

    I enjoyed seeing the hot head get his come-uppance, but she was in the wrong. Many states (including Utah) have laws against exactly what she was doing.

    In Germany if you get caught doing what she did on the Autobahn you lose your Autobahn privilege. They do not suffer fools lightly, which is why they have a much lower per-mile death rate than we do despite having no speed limits.

  • Ivan

    Not only is she a bad driver but she does not know how to turn her phone. Stop the vertical videos you are not taking a photo.

  • dsdominationdad

    okay, let’s be real. the person with the video helped to create the situation and in my mind was being passively aggressive. rather than moving over to the slow lane they refused to move over.

  • Bruce

    Each vehicle is usually created with a turn signal steering wheel gas pedal and break. If someone is going slow 1. turn on the turn signal 2. Make sure it is safe to move over 3 moove over an pass the slow vehicle. Any other actions to control the othe other vehicle makes you an egotistical control freak who figures they have paid all the taxes and own the entire road. What a laugh I would have laughed all week on that one.

  • Chris

    First off, is it really safe for this individual to be recording while driving (bc the phone was obviously in her hand)? Secondly, wouldn’t have been easier for her to do the RIGHT thing and when not passing, move over to the RIGHT lane. Thirdly, karma is one thing but laughing at someone who could potentially be hurt is in my opinion asking for karma to come back to you. Fourthly, I really hope she decided to be decent human being and call the police and make sure the dude was okay. I’m just saying….I think the karma is coming back to her.

  • trixr4kids

    If you read the description on the original post. She was in the passing lane. There were trucks in the right lane. The driver behind her had been cutting off the trucks for several minutes, tailgating both her and the trucks, before she began to video him. She could not move over due to traffic in the right lane. Once she cleared the traffic, as you can see in the video, he moved over to over take everyone and he cuts off the truck in the right lane to do it! He then slowed down to flip her off then sped back up to cut her off. That’s when he wrecked. And Keith, her speedometer is at 58 not 48. She may not have been behaving perfectly but he was the aggressor, not her. Accident was his his fault.

    • never the whole story

      That is bologna! How much of the video did you watch or were you just reading the title? There was ample opportunity for her to move over. I don’t care what the guy was doing before. If he is driving recklessly, call it in, get the plate and a description of the driver, etc. Ya, that guy was impatient and a jerk. Were her actions any better? It doesn’t matter how fast you are going. The left lane is a passing lane! If someone comes up behind you going faster, move over.

    • PIAttorney

      She actually did have ample time to get over which is proved by the fact that he was able to get over and he was behind her. She is in the wrong and should have been courteous and let him by. Florida has horrible drivers who often hang out in the passing lane.

      • Joan

        We must have watched two different videos. What I saw was as soon as she cleared the two trucks, he became aggressive and came up on her tail then moved over before she did. Video doesn’t always show good depth perception but he was ready to teach her a lesson as soon as he was able to so he is up on her bumper as he’s moving over. He didn’t give her the opportunity to move over because he wanted to get past her and cut her off. That’s how it ALWAYS works…see it all the time in Los Angeles on the freeways. Ride their behinds,..squeeze over as soon as possible before the car in front of you has a chance then speed up, cut them off and slow down or brake…it’s a dangerous game. he sure didn’t look like a victim. Now…I say she could have moved over BEFORE passing the trucks and let him pass but she didn’t but that does not excuse his behavior. He caused his own accident and thank goodness, no one else was hurt by HIS actions. NOT hers. She’s only guilty of not being courteous but we don’t arrest people for that. If he had not lost his temper and tried to retaliated, he would not have crashed.

      • Meristel Shaw

        I’d hate to be your sorry @$$ client, clearly he SLOWED DOWN and made a point of harassing her with zero concern for what was in front or in back of him(as he was staring to his left at her flipping her off with one hand and the other on the wheel!!!) The potential for a much worse accident involving many others was HUGE.


      • Lisa

        Why would she get over into the right lane, when she finally could, when she was turning LEFT in just a few short feet? So she’s just supposed to drive on past her turn because he was a road rage control freak?

    • Lisa

      I completely agree with you! I’m wondering if everyone else even watched the video? Why not take out your phone and start recording? With a control freak like him, I’d want the evidence when he undoubtedly did something, which he did. Also, like you said, she did not speed up. He sped up and slowed down to try and flip her off. If I were her, I WOULD have sped up to get away from him. These days, my first thought, when he got up beside me like that, would have been was he going to pull a gun and shoot me…….road rage freak that he is.

      • Aaron Yates

        Speeding up is the worst thing to do. Aside from it being more dangerous to you and possibly getting a ticket if you exceed the speed limit, it would also show the other driver that they can intimidate you.

        The best thing to do is to either maintain the same speed or slow down. By slowing down, you give yourself more reaction time for things ahead of you and might encourage the other driver to find some way to pass you, thus reducing the risk of being rear ended.

        Also, contrary to the popular belief of some people, slowing down doesn’t require you to step on the brakes. (The guy didn’t have to step on his brakes to slow down to give her the finger.)

  • Mark

    The left lane is for PASSING you idiot, not staying in it as long as you feel like. I feel bad for the guy in the truck since this woman’s behavior caused him an accident.

    • Joan

      So, now we blame others for our own actions? She didn’t make him drive aggressively. She didn’t push his foot on the accelerator and make him tailgate, she didn’t turn his wheel and cause him to try to cut her off, she didn’t grab his finger and make him flip her off and she didn’t make his car slide across the wet pavement. HE did all that. AND..he ran from the scene…so he knows it’s his fault. BUT..he will find some lawyer who thinks like you do that will say it’s her fault he lost control of his temper and vehicle because it’s always got to be someone else’s fault.

    • Aaron Yates

      Show me a law that specifically says that the left lane is for passing only and I’ll show you a nation that is breaking the law every second of every day.

      • Rose Murdorf Dickerson

        Im sitting here scratching my head , after reading all the comments, I was wondering the same thing. Since when is the left lane used for passing only? Ive had my drivers license for 35 years and I dont recall that being in the rule book. He is guilty of his action period. She is guilty of having a cell phone while driving. But if I had a jerk like him tail gating me I would of done the same thing. Videos dont lie in court.

      • Aaron Yates

        Difference being that she wasn’t breaking the law. She shouldn’t have been distracting herself by making a video like that, but she wasn’t doing anything illegal.

        I remember from my drivers education training that the smart thing to do with tailgaters is to slow down some, that way you have more time to react to road situations. So many people are like, “speed up” and blaming her for his being so close. Wow, stupid people.

  • Chris

    The maximum speed limit is just that and there is no excuse for breaking the law and therefore that is as fast as you are supposed to drive regardless of the mental emergency in your own mind that makes you think that it is ok to drive as fast as you want and endanger everyone else because you want to be Mario Andretti.
    Don’t be that guy!
    She was approaching where she was going to turn left and she was passing traffic. Don’t try to justify the black trucks action by driving faster than safe for conditions especially when the road is wet. Slow down and treat others with respect as cars kill faster than a gun when they are out of control. The video is being used to prosecute the driver for hit & run for leaving the scene after mowing down the street light. And yes, he slowed down to be a jerk.

    • carol

      You must be one of those drivers that intentionally stay in the passing Lane and go whatever speed you think others should be going thinking you can control all those around you. It doesn’t matter if someone is going faster than the speed limit or faster than you think they should be going. It’s a passing lane and is to be left clear. If they are .speeding Leave that up to the police.

    • ron

      Dude Chris, I agree with you that the speed limit must be obeyed and so must the passing law.

      In this instance both the truck and the woman are at fault.

      But you nor I are the Police (UHP) to enforce these laws. if youre one of these passing lane coasters that is obeying the speed law, why not obey the other law and move over for idiot drivers wanting to speed and let the police handle them?

      dont add to the problem, put your part in to ease the issue.

  • Spanka

    Hilarious how all the women here are defending the INCREDIBLY POOR DRIVING of the woman hogging the passing lane. See, this is exactly why we don’t take you seriously. Now get back in the kitchen – men are talking.

  • Chris

    Hey Spanka. I am a guy. The law states that slower traffic stay right as well as the maximum speed limit shall not be exceeded. This is because it is legal to drive slower than the posted maximum speed limit. Do you think the posted speed limit is the base line speed to drive at? Your ignorance is about the same level as the guy that crashed his truck and he is lucky that there was not another car traveling in the opposite direction with one of your family members in it. Think before you open your mouth so widely to insert more than just your foot. No get back to work before your wife hits you with another frying pan for being stupid.

  • Joan

    I see that she is staying in the passing lane while passing but after she passes the 2nd truck, she could have signaled and moved over. I would have. I’m not confrontational. BUT..if you notice, as soon as she clears the two trucks on her right, he speeds up and moves over instead. So she probably wouldn’t have had time to unless she signaled her intent first so he would have let HER move over before he took the spot. If she were not busy filming, she could have done so. She also could have moved over BEFORE passing the trucks and let the a-hole pass her then move back over as she said she was going to be making a left shortly. Again, that’s what I could have done. For those that said she sped up after he passed, that’s not so…watch his face as he passes her–he’s looking back and realizing she is videoing and he takes his foot off the gas so he slows up in order to flip her off..see the wide grin as he’s doing so knowing she is filming? Then he decides to cut her off and teach her a lesson but it backfires. He could have stayed in the other lane until he was well clear of her and then moved over but he didn’t.

  • amrod@aol.com

    There’s NOTHING more annoying than someone driving slow in the fast lane! It’s one of my major pet peeves. The only thing that would have made this video better is if he would have crashed into her vehicle. No injuries of course.

  • Chris

    There is no such FAST LANE in any vehicle code anywhere in the USA as that would imply permission to go faster than the posted maximum speed limit. Until you have spent the countless hours in a law enforcement academy sitting through the penal & vehicle codes, do not sit here spouting ignorance of the laws that you are interpreting incorrectly. Rules for a state highway with lanes to turn left do not have passing lanes and the only requirement to drive in the far left lane is to drive the posted maximum speed limit.
    You never know who you are messing with out there. Think about this as you are driving because if I catch you while in my unmarked unit you may be getting your vehicle towed while you are en route to a nice stay in my facility for reckless which means that you are driving unsafely with multiple infractions. Don’t be that guy and slow down and get there safely as I am more concerned about having to notify your loved ones of your stupidity. It does not effect the one that dies in the crash. Think about it before you behave like this idiot. Only you have control of how you react and behave. No one else can do that for you. Time to put on your grown up panties!!!!

    • ron

      youre LEO huh?

      hopefully not UHP cause maybe you didnt get the memo buddy:

      “UHP cracking down on fast-lane coasters”

      41-6a-704. Overtaking and passing vehicles proceeding in same direction


      If youre an LEO, as you so claim, than you should know that all laws must be enforced by LEO including passing lane laws and speeding laws. This is an issue that UHP has noticed and are “taking action” (or so they claim) against.

      so do us citizens a favor and bust both speedsters and left lane campers…

      regardless of the difference in opinion, stay safe out there Sir.

    • Aaron Yates

      So it’s her fault for how he was driving? It’s not her fault that he was tailgating her, flipping her off and then getting into an accident. It’s not like he swerved to avoid hitting her after she ran a red light or made an unsafe lane change. If someone tailgates me, I don’t speed up to make them happy. If anything, I slow down like I’m supposed to. Reason is simple, it gives ME more time to react to something that might happen in front of me. If I need to slam on the breaks while someone is tailgating me, well, the faster you are going, the worse the accident will be. Slow down, you have more reaction time to start slowing down, meaning the tailgater might realize they need to start slowing down, thus reducing the chances of an accident.

      I’ve nearly been rear-ended before from someone tailgating me. I had to slow down to turn into a driveway to make a delivery but since someone was on my tail, I didn’t slow down and turn like I normally would (otherwise, would have had an accident). Instead, I overshot my turn and I could see the driver in my rear view mirror as they realized they were almost getting into an accident from being too close. Had I slowed down to make the turn like I normally drive (correctly, not slamming on the breaks), that driver would have rear ended me and it would be their insurance paying for the damages.

      Her decision to not speed up was a smart one. Aside from the unwise decision to video it, the only thing I find fault with is that she didn’t slow down. She could have slowed down, which might have encouraged the guy to get into the right lane, then she could let him pass by her and then get in front of her. That would remove the risk of a rear end collision without her having to speed up.

  • Rehii

    Always move to the right to let traffic pass no mater what.
    It dangerous to force people to pass you on the right.
    This lady who filmed is responsible for the accident by not leaving the left lane of a divided highway.
    To bad it’s not in Europe where her video would be used in court against her.
    People who refuse to move over for faster traffic are the cause of many accidents.
    No one has the right to prevent others from using the left hand passing lane.
    To do so is not only rude but dangerous and ill eagle in most states.
    From watching the video she could have easily moved over.

  • LT Dan

    The woman baited the poor guy into this accident. She instigated the situation by driving 47 mph in the Passing Lane! She picked out this poor man to push his buttons and try to cause him problems! She was clearly breaking the passing lane law. She clearly cannot drive a motor vehicle properly and should not have a drivers license. When a bicycle rides up behind you on the sidewalk do you continue to walk in his way? This man is the victim here. Lady, if you can’t drive your car properly you shouldn’t be on the road. Do us all a favor and buy a bicycle or walk. Quit subjecting those of us living in a competitive society to your utter incompetence and evil instigating passive aggressiveness…

    • ron

      LT you got it half right….she is partially at fault for this road rage incident, by not moving over and driving distractedly. however, to say the trucker is the victim…thats 100% wrong, you don’t tailgate people to get them to move over, thats how you kill people especially if there are kids or people in the rear of the car. Both parties are to blame, her for being an idiot and not obeying the traffic laws and moving over and him for not obeying the speed laws and traffic laws as well. they only one that one here was physics, cause that what happened when his fast spinning tires met standing water above the actual road.

    • Aaron Yates

      People on bikes are supposed to be on the street, not the sidewalk, so your bicycle analogy is flawed. Not to mention the fact that when people are walking, they don’t generally have a rear-view mirror to see who is behind them, so how are you supposed to know someone is approaching you on a bike? Also, the person on the bike, being considered as a vehicle, is supposed to yield to pedestrians. All around your example is wrong.

      Getting past that though, she was driving at almost 60mph, not 47mph. She didn’t bait the guy into the accident, he drove into it head on (pun intended). You make it sound like she saw someone behind her and decided to slow down so that they would be tailgating her, then made him flip her off and then grabbed his wheel to make him crash. The only thing she was truly doing wrong (though not illegal) was distracting herself with recording the incident. Other than that, she wasn’t being the bad driver, it was him.

  • Ben

    I love these idiots that actively call it a passing lane….. It is a regular road. This is not the Highway. There are left hand turn lanes off this road. IT means that lane is an active lane.
    To further compound your lack of understanding, she was actively passing cars. She does not have to change lanes to appease someone suffering road rage, even though an opening for her may have existed she would have had to brake before an opportunity arose to transfer back into the passing lane.

    I think we have either trolls lose on this forum or some very stupid small people that need a mental enema with a large caliber bullet.

    That was a joke done in poor taste. Political correctness is like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end……..

  • james

    I have a sister just like this lady. She thinks she owns the road. If she knows someone wants to pass her (she’s in the “fast lane”, she will slow down to match the speed of a car in the right lane and drive alongside them to make it impossible for the car behind to get by. This lady said there were cars in the right lane which made impossible for her to get over and let the car pass. In the video it didn’t look like there were many cars at all. My sister is a mental case, I suspect this lady is also.

    • Aaron Yates

      Have you stopped to consider the fact that the tailgater was the one acting like he owned the road? Granted, she shouldn’t have been distracting herself by recording it, but that doesn’t justify the way the guy acted. Expecting her to move over to cater to his sorry butt is basically saying that HE owns the road and she should move over to let the owner pass through.

  • Scotty Mac

    Civil suit filed.

    Florida Statutes 540.08:
    ‘(1) No person shall publish, print, display or otherwise publicly use for [for personal gain] the name, portrait, photograph, or other likeness of any natural person without the [person’s] express written or oral consent…’
    ‘(2) In the event the consent … is not obtained, the person whose name, portrait, photograph, or other likeness is so used, …, may bring an action to …, recover damages for any loss or injury sustained by reason thereof, including an amount which would have been a reasonable royalty, and punitive or exemplary damages… .’

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