Audition now for FOX’s ‘Utopia’

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UTOPIA, FOX’s bold new unscripted series that follows a group of everyday people creating their own new civilization, has begun a nationwide search for pioneers to become the first inhabitants of UTOPIA. The series is looking for motivated and adventurous people who possess the passion and determination to create and build a whole new world – just the way they want it! Entrants should express their ideals, beliefs, skill sets and vision for their interpretations of UTOPIA.

Participants must be a legal U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident, at least 21 years of age (on March 24, 2014) and able to commit to a full year as a “Utopian” pioneer. Videos are limited to one submission per person. Please continue to visit for updated submission rules, terms, conditions and additional casting information and events.

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UTOPIA will follow 15 inhabitants as they leave their everyday lives to move to a beautiful, but isolated and undeveloped location – for up to an entire year – challenging them to create their own world. The series offers people from across America the chance to be part of a groundbreaking social experiment – the pioneers will make every decision about how they will live, work and what the rules and laws of UTOPIA will be.

With no existing power structures and limited amenities, these “pioneers” must draw on their own ideals and everything they know about societies around the world, to create a new one…will it be better? Will they rewrite the rules they have always lived by? Will they falter or prosper?

UTOPIA is a presentation of Talpa Media USA. The show is created by John de Mol (“Big Brother,” “Deal Or No Deal,” “Fear Factor,” “The Voice”), who will also executive-produce.


  • ken lewis

    Im a 40yr old single dad who’s been through hell and back… im searching for a fresh start and what better way than through an experiment like this!!

  • dan heizler

    I am a Christian . No hate here passive hard working union carpenter … i love this idea .What can we acomplish . Amazing and interesting …plz pick the right people for this . This is a chance to create a different mindset in our failed world system . Even if i am not a choice for this show (ugly ) i hope you act responsible with this oppurtunity … plz act with WISDOM!

  • Jessica

    oh my gosh. This is literally all ive ever dreamed of my entire life. I wish I was 21 or older, maybe they’ll make an exception?? A young mind would be good right? Wow I’m so happy people are finally doing this! I have found my people!

  • Steven

    This is a sick joke calling this Utopia. This is simply another survivor show. If you are not allowed to use technology, how can you create a society of abundance? The shows intent is to create a hostel environment to “prove” that humans cannot create a utopia and that modern society is much better. This game is rigged my friends. Scarcity causes problems. Technology can eliminate it, but this show will not allow a happy ending… they want drama!

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