Police officer allegedly assaulted at Utah school, 3 teens arrested

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SALT LAKE CITY – Two juveniles and an 18-year-old man were arrested after a police officer was allegedly assaulted at a Utah school.

An officer stopped some teens for suspected trespassing at Horizonte High School in Salt Lake City, 1234 South Main Street, at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, and police officials said the teens left but returned a short time later.

Det. Cody Lougy of the Salt Lake City Police Department said the group of teens became combative.

“And this officer had to call for additional units,” Lougy said. “Not only is the individual fighting with him, his friends are actually assisting in the altercation as well, and so we dispatched eight additional officers to that school. And we had to deploy a Taser as well to gain control of these individuals. One officer was punched in the head.”

Information from police officials states Tasers were used on two suspects.

Latu Latu, 18, was arrested along with two 17-year-old juveniles. Lougy said the adult was not allowed to be there, and he said the juveniles were arrested for their involvement in the altercation. Latu had just turned 18 this week. He faces charges that include inciting a riot and resisting arrest.

Lougy said the school operates in the evenings, including night classes for adults. Lougy said Latu had been warned in the past about being at the school without legitimate reason.


    • Wendy McDaniel

      Probably because you are spelling things wrong. “Guies” is spelled “GUYS.” And it is proper English to spell out “n u” to “and you.” Texting will NEVER teach you or anyone else how to spell right. It does the opposite

      • Kalei Tulua

        U obviously understand Wutt I was saying so wuttz the problem… I didn’t realize I was in grammar school!!! fox13 runs stories of things with out getting both sides of the story!!! Get your facts straight B4 u run a story n try to ruin innocent kids lives…

  • Shannon L. Blackley

    If I were a Utah Prosecutor I’d press for the boy’s violating the RICO laws and take it Federal since ‘they’re Legally-technically Gangsters now’ as they ganged up on a Law Enforcement Officer.

    • Kalei Tulua

      FYI! Shannon, my daughter is one of those kids n they are not gangsters. She is the only one that punched the so called cop( a pervert) because he ripped her sweat shirt, he cuffed her n your so called peace officer let her sit there with nothing but her bra as she repeatedly asked him to close her shirt, his reply to her was ” keep running ur mouth” just laughed at her… Some gangsters and wow! A riot? A riot is 10 individuals or more… Their were more cops then there were the 3 so called rioters…can we say cover up n brutality on these 3 teens…get your facts straight before u judge someone… Karma is never prejudice.

  • Monty Liss

    This smells to high heaven of police harassment. A typical one sided story from the police. He was charged with inciting a riot and resisting arrest. He wasn’t charged with aggravated assault, assault on a police officer, simple assault? I bet the story closer to reality involves a cop who was too big for his britches with an over-inflated view of self-worth. Think about it people, teens run from cops, check youtube for all the videos. Cops assault citizens, lie, murder, and trump up charges, check youtube for all the videos.

    • jewlzzz

      You stink dumb*** I lived there for years and it was scary bad with drugs and gangs.
      Why don’t you go volunteer your support for these kids.
      P.S this school has a lot of court ordered kids and that’s not because they’re little angels……

    • Trish Ramirez

      More than likely. Cops think that they can treat every citizen of this country like a common criminal for simply existing. They think they should demand respect because they spent a few weeks at the police academy and carry a badge. Any danger they are potentially subjected to in the line of duty is danger they choose to assume and are paid for assuming. They assume this danger in exchange for the opportunity to bully and harass their fellow citizens and collect paychecks and government benefits. They aren’t doing this on a volunteer basis or out of the kindness of their hearts. People are getting sick and tired of being treated like garbage simply because cops think that they have the right to do so.

      It took the police how many officers, how much force and how many taxpayer dollars to taze bully 3 teenagers for doing nothing more than being on school grounds after school?? Is this really necessary police work? Or is it, like Monty suggests, simply a case of a cop wanting to prove he’s the king of the hill and then being upset when he realized that these kids weren’t going to be pushed around so easily by another bully with a badge?

      Keep an eye on the news. Look whats going on in this country. Look at New Mexico, where police shot and killed a homeless man for sleeping where he wasn’t allowed to. Or at the Danielle Willard case here in Utah, where police officers used what was deemed to be unjustified force and killed a girl for doing drugs in her car. Not legal, sure, but certainly not a capital offense. And not only did these cops not face criminal charges, they are petitioning to have their jobs reinstated. After KILLING someone.

      Citizens are very much correct in being wary, frightened and even defensive when approached by cops. These police officers routinely abuse their power and assault private citizens who are not even breaking the law – a Texas college student Cameron Redus was recently shot 5 times in the BACK by police and killed for doing nothing more than being sarcastic.

      Police are abusing power more and more frequently – probably because the screening process involves finding the least intelligent and biggest bullies available through psychological and intelligence testing. US High Courts have upheld the right of police forces to refuse to hire candidates who score too highly on standard intelligence tests.

      I am not making any of these assertions up – they can be easily verified through some simple internet searches and basic research. The people in this country should be very afraid of the police state this nation has become. Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t seem to exist anymore – we’re all apparently suspects and subject to the whims of police officers who have deemed themselves to be not just cops but also judges, juries and executioners.

  • Bill miller

    Poor baby, did he get hurt ?? They can never handle anything on their own !! Cops are cowards !!

  • Jacob Evans

    Good to see so many people are respectful towards police officers. Maybe because you have come across cops that abuse their power doesn’t mean all of them do. Learn some respect for the police force. Going out everyday with a chance of someone shooting at you or you getting hurt should demand respect. Bunch of punks.

    • Trish Ramirez

      Cops choose their career paths just like everyone else. They are monetarily compensated for their time as well as have the added bonus of being able to be pretty much above the law. They don’t deserve any more respect than the next person just because they choose to be cops instead of teachers or bakers. They’re just people. It’s the idea that they are somehow better than the rest of us that has allowed this nation to become a police state.

      • Angie

        Trish – I hope you don’t ever have a situation where you are in need of police assistance (i.e. someone has broken into your home, you are being attacked, you were in a car accident, etc., etc.). While I can agree that there may be some cops that are bad apples (as is the case with any profession), but the majority of police officers that I have interacted with have been upstanding. I agree with Jacob’s comment. Police should be given respect for keeping people safe and doing a difficult job where they risk their own safety each day. I also think teachers should be given respect for teaching our children. I think the people serving in the armed forces should be given respect for keeping our country safe. I agree that police choose their career path, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be shown respect. They put their lives at risk every day and have to deal with terrible things (murders, rapes, robberies, fatal accidents, etc.). They get paid, but it is not enough to compensate them for the level of risk they are put in every day. I’m guessing you or someone you know has broken laws and you haven’t liked the consequences of your actions. If you are following the laws, you shouldn’t have any problems with law enforcement. I follow the laws and as a result, have never had any run-ins with the police (other than the occasional speeding ticket…which I deserved because I was speeding).

    • Kalei Tulua

      Not speaking to all cops everywhere but to all cops everywhere who are misusing their title to compensate for whatever they lack anywhere else in their lives. Those Cowards On Patrol are garbage with a broach. For those Police Officers who are honest and actually respect the badge themselves I salute you and thank you for your integrity and diligence.

  • Kalei Tulua

    And by the way, I know for a fact that 3 teenagers defending themselves because a cop couldn’t handle some unpleasant words does not count as a riot. This “cop” definitely had a bad day, childhood…. Something that makes him hang around a high school to prevent trespassing…. Who cares about killers and kidnappers. This young man was there to pick up his younger siblings! … So much for being there for no reason.

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