Company has plans to build large-scale solar project in Utah

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Rocky Mountain Power officials provided this photo and said they plan to pursue a project similar to the one pictured.

SALT LAKE CITY – A company in Utah is hoping to build their first large-scale solar project, which will power an estimated 500 homes.

Rocky Mountain Power is behind the project, which is being funded by a program the company runs called Blue Sky Renweable Energy that allows customers to contribute to renewable energy projects.

The farm will have an estimated 9,000 solar panels, which officials said is enough to power about 500 homes. Paul Murphy of Rocky Mountain Power said the farm is part of a larger push toward renewable energy.

“Rocky mountain power recognizes that people want renewable energy,” he said. “They want us to be pursuing solar and wind and water projects, and we hope this will be the first of many projects along the way.”

The site for the solar farm has not yet been chosen, but officials with the power company said it is not likely the site will be in northern Utah. Officials said they hope to have the project online by June of 2016. Officials said they hope to eventually increase the size in order to provide power for about 1,250 homes.


  • MQB3

    500 homes? There are MILLIONS of homes in the U.S.

    We can wean ourselves off of fossil fuels……if we cover every square inch of land with windmills and solar panels.

    How many people are aware that these facilities always include a natural gas-fired “backup” system that generates more power than the windmills or panels? That’s because the sun doesn’t shine most of the time, and the wind doesn’t always blow. So don’t kid yourself: This will power “500 homes” on the sunniest of days in mid-summer. It powers NOTHING at night.

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