Listen to the rant that landed Judge Joe Brown in jail

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Click play to hear the exchange between Judge Joe Brown and Magistrate Harold Horne:

By Alan Duke


(CNN) — TV’s Judge Joe Brown was jailed on a contempt of court charge issued by a Tennessee juvenile judge Monday, according to a court spokesman.

Brown, 66, was sentenced to five days in jail after he became “pretty raucous” and “challenged the authority” of Magistrate Harold Horne, another judge told CNN. He was later released on his own recognizance, CNN Memphis affiliate WMC-TV reported, citing the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Brown, a former Shelby County criminal judge, was in court to represent a client in a child-support case. He apparently became upset when he was told the case was not on the afternoon docket, Chief Magistrate Dan Michael said.

Horne, who “is a real laid-back guy,” gave Brown several chances to calm down before finding him in contempt, Michael said.

Horne held Brown was in contempt five times “before they were able to get him out of the courtroom, Michael said.

The court staff and judges “were all kind of floored” by Brown’s behavior, Michael said.

Brown was booked into the Shelby County jail in Memphis Monday afternoon, sheriff’s spokesman Chip Washington said.

Brown presided over a syndicated reality TV show based on court case arbitration for 15 years until it was canceled last year.

He announced his candidacy for the Shelby County district attorney post last month.

CNN reached out to Brown’s representatives but has not yet received a response.

CNN was first alerted to Brown’s arrest by a Twitter posting.

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  • demetriss braswell

    I was there Judge Brown was not in the wrong the other Judge provoked him Judge Brown was only trying to help someone that asked for help and he is correct the Juvinile court system is a circus.

  • Trish Ramirez

    Our legal and judiciary systems are complete jokes. People who have never been involved in the process have no idea. These judges and law enforcement officials believe themselves to be above the law, and because they have each others backs as opposed to having the public’s backs and are more concerned about protecting themselves and each other than about upholding the law and ensuring that average citizens are treated fairly and with justice. It’s ridiculous. You put someone behind a bench and their delusions of grandeur are recognized, and 9/10 times they do little more than abuse power.

    • Betty A. Grissom

      I have been there 2 – 3 times in my life. Our legal systems is a joke. Go to court one day, you will see and hear for your self. The bad people come out always the winner. Honest people do not have a chance in this life. Good to see this. Betty Grissom

  • Aldtric Johnson

    The best way to avoid injustice in the justice system is to do everything you can to avoid getting caught up in the justice system.

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